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14 अगस्त, 2016 / भारत

On our 70th Independence Day, we salute the men and women who are pushing boundaries and finding their freedom by partnering with Uber – The freedom to choose work that fits around their lives, the freedom that comes with being their own boss. 

Let’s take a look behind the wheel, at a few of our partners and their inspiring stories.


Having served the nation for 20 years, Gurmeet Singh, retired as a Havaldar with the Indian Army and decided to join Uber. He continues to serve the people and does it with pride as an Uber partner. For him the best part is that he gets to spend time with his two children daily and earn a livelihood with dignity. During his tenure of 5 months he’s completed over 1000 trips and has a rating of 4.71.

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“Driving Uber is a respectful job & I get to serve the people of the city. As a FAUJI, I have served the people of the country and now I am serving the people of the city. I feel proud driving as an UBER partner.”

Gurmeet Singh, Uber Partner, Chandigarh


From moving heavy-goods on highways to moving people in the city, Kamal’s journey has been an exciting one. He joined Uber as an associate to another Uber Partner and worked hard to earn enough money to buy his own car. He then applied for a loan application that got turned down but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream. Uber helped connect him with TATA and secure a loan to buy his own car. He now owns a TATA Indigo and decides his own working hours.

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“Uber gave me the freedom to start something of my own and earn for all the hard work I put in unlike before”.

Kamal Kumar, Uber Partner, Chandigarh


Sustaining a good life was a struggle for Mahadev who worked as a delivery boy while his wife pitched in as a household help in the neighbouring society. Life changed for Mahadev when his wife’s employer suggested him to get a loan on a car and start driving with Uber. He now earns a handsome living and can support the family without having to shuffle between two jobs. Being respected by the people he help move is what motivates him to be out on the road be it rain or storm.

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“I am very happy working as an UBER partner and don’t need to do two jobs to sustain my family. I have the freedom to help my family whenever needed and feel a sense of accomplishment while running my own business as an UBER partner.”

Mahadev, Uber Partner, Chandigarh

If you have a story to share about how technology enabled you to enjoy and celebrate freedom, share it with us.

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Featured Image Courtesy : @udayanshankarpal