Uber your way to Grub and Swag!

22 अप्रैल, 2017 / चंडीगढ़

Chandigarh, your flat 49 offer just got more exciting. Two words: Grub and Swag. Head over to Leisure Valley in an Uber and dazzle your senses in style with lots of awesome food and lots of Swag. What’s not to love!


Swag Fest with Mika

When: 22 April 6PM onwards

Catch an exhilarating performance by Mika at the ‘Swag Fest’ @ Leisure Valley this Saturday. The event will mark the expansion of Red FM’s presence in Punjab.


Grub Fest

When: 22-23 April 12Noon – 10PM

The two day Grub Fest will be a sensory treat to all food lovers in the city beautiful. From starter to the dessert, it promises to be a finger-licking experience and will leave you asking for more.


And guess what, we’re still at 49!

Ride in an Uber to any place in Chandigarh Tri-city at ₹49*, flat. That’s right – no promo codes, no coupons, it’s that simple. Just Tap. Request. Ride!