Ride at #Flat49 – Anytime, Anywhere

5 मई, 2017 / चंडीगढ़

As the temperature soars, we’re constantly thinking of ways to make it easier for everyone to travel within the tricity. We believe that everyone deserves a comfortable, relaxing AC ride, no matter where they’re headed. So, what have we done about it?

We’ve got #Flat49 back

Here are a few #ProTips that will help make your experience better:

  • Actual drop off location must be entered correctly in the Uber app for all rides taken to ensure the flat fare applies accurately. Flat fares will not be valid in case of change in destination, deviation from route or longer wait time.
  • Flat fares will be valid across all uberGO rides in Chandigarh Tri-city, within the city limits

  • Flat fares are only valid for the trips less than 7 km. Regular fares apply for trips greater than 7 km

  • Flat Fare not valid on uberX & uberXL trips

  • Flat fares not valid on trips to/from Chandigarh Airport

  • Valid from Saturday, 06 May to Wed, 31 May 2017 only

Get Riding Now!

Team Uber Chandigarh