uberSESSIONS: An afternoon with the Uber Bangalore team

30 मई, 2016 / बंगलूरु

From the time we launched a little less than 3 years ago in Bangalore city, we’ve been graced with open arms by Bangaloreans. One constant feedback that we’ve got has been to open up our platform to start ups, freelancers and influencers who would love a better understanding of our local marketing, engineering, operations and Uber for Business functions.

Today, we’re excited to announce an open house for Startups with the Uber Bangalore team – enabling startups, industry leaders and anyone with entrepreneurship running through their veins to learn from each other, helping to create a culture that celebrates risks taking and views failure as an opportunity to learn in India’s IT capital – Bangalore.

Come Sunday, 12th June, we’re inviting 40 startups to join the Uber Bangalore team for an informal dialogue at the newly opened Dialogues Cafe in Koramangala.


  • Register for the event through the Register Now link below
  • Wait for an invite from the Uber Bangalore team

Please note this is a limited capacity event. While we will try and accommodate all requests, teams not invited will receive an invite for the next session. Registrations will be accepted latest till Friday, 10th June. 


Keep an eye out for your invite to the uberSESSIONS event on Sunday, 12th June