Keep Ahmedabad Moving

24 जनवरी, 2017 / अहमदाबाद

Over the last few days, certain groups of people have forcefully prevented thousands of driver-partners from serving the city of Ahmedabad. Their actions have made it very difficult to get a ride in a city where lakhs of citizens have come to rely on Uber to get to work and go about their ordinary lives.

This unrest has also directly impacted driver-partner earnings and deprived them of making an honest living. We want to assure our riders and drivers that we are working hard 24/7 to bring back normalcy and the reliability you’ve come to know and love about Uber. In the interim, we have turned off surge to make life easier for our riders.

To ensure you have access to a reliable, affordable ride when you need one – we are always on. Looking forward to serving you soon.

Have you been affected by the happenings? Let us know at t.uber.com/AHMhearsyou.