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Product Manager II - Customer Channels Experience

Product Management, Product
in Bangalore, India

About the Role

As a Product Manager for Customer Obsession, you will be responsible for the strategy and development of new support channel experiences to deliver exceptional customer experiences across mobile and web for Riders, Drivers, Eaters, and Businesses using Uber. You will be using best of breed technologies, and latest machine learning, data science techniques, and design thinking to accomplish this at a scale that has never been done before in the industry.

What the Candidate Will Need / Bonus Points

What You'll Do

  • Lead product strategy and development of full-stack conversational customer engagement platform.
  • Work closely with a massive global community operations organization to integrate business processes and policies onto the platform
  • Collaborate with design team and guide their investments for research, prototyping, experimentation, and overall design thinking
  • Collaborate with machine learning team and guide their investments in data analysis for a high impact conversational, prediction, and personalization strategy
  • Collaborate with various Uber product teams to integrate customer information and infographics to enable accurate and effortless resolutions.
  • Distill vision and strategy for the team, get all members of cross-functional team #superpumped.
  • Be incredibly truth-seeking. Collect whatever data is necessary to inform product direction, whether in the form of competitive intel, rider behavior or other business metrics. Solicit and welcome critical feedback.
  • Drive innovation, definition, deliverables planning (roadmap) and design of entirely new Uber products and product features to deliver against team and company goals. Requires challenging all members of cross-functional team (engineering, design, etc.) to think boldly and creatively and then to funnel that energy into concrete products and execution plans.
  • Make tradeoff decisions based on technical and business insights and experimentation
  • Monitor and measure launched products and feed insights back into product development process to drive growth
  • Clearly communicate product plans, benefits and results, as appropriate, to a spectrum of audiences, from internal stakeholders to Uber executives, employees to riders.

What You'll Need

This role demands real passion for the customer, great technical depth, principled thinking, well-honed product judgment, a stubborn refusal to settle, bold innovation, a high design bar and a mentality of starting with the customer first and working backwards

  • A computer science undergraduate degree or other engineering degree equivalent.
  • Proven experience of 4+ years delivering highly successful and innovative dev platforms or reporting platforms with your signature all over them.
  • Excellent understanding of web development
  • Experience in building platforms and/or developer ecosystems
  • Experience with engagement or support platforms is a plus but not mandatory
  • Design thinking and customer-centric approach to building, experimenting, and iterating products
  • Data-driven decision-making ability.
  • A "driver" personality - constantly pushing toward clarity and delivery while balancing the need for great collaboration.
  • High standards across the board - from your own contributions to the people you work with to the products you work on.
  • Grittiness: You don't hesitate to take initiative and address something hands-on, you persevere when others give up.
  • Passion for Uber's mission and the company's hybrid technology/operations nature.
  • A deep desire to grow and learn.