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Senior Strategic Operations Manager, Airports Partnerships

Washington, District of Columbia |
New York, New York

About the Role

Uber is seeking a Senior Strategic Operations Manager focusing on Airport Partnerships! Travel is in many ways the heart and soul of Uber. During pre-COVID business conditions, trips to and from the airport accounted for around 10% of Uber trips across the US and Canada and almost 20% of gross bookings, and the overall percentage of ground transportation at airports fulfilled by Uber remains quite small. Airport trips are many riders' first use case, and these trips have higher average fares and a higher mix towards more profitable products. But "travel" can encompass much more than this - it could be the experience of using Uber in a new city or relying on Uber when on the road for business, trips between cities that substitute for a train or a rental car, or other travel experiences that Uber doesn't touch today. In 2019, domestic travelers spent $972 billion in the US, representing an attractive opportunity for a company that's such a natural part of that market today.

The Airport Operations Partner Manager role is a unique opportunity to grow Uber's business with a focus on Uber's airport experience. This is a crucial role that will drive revenue growth strategy and operations for a portfolio of US airports!

We are seeking a candidate with a combination of creative problem solving, analytical skills, and interpersonal ability to foster strategic programs and partnerships with both airports and local government organizations. You should be as comfortable at data analysis as project management and building and maintaining external relationships. As a team, we gravitate towards challenges and enjoy digging deep to resolve problems.

What You'll Do:

  • Be the point-of-contact for a group of airports and navigate internal processes to provide the best outcome for our airport partners and our markets.
  • Cross-functional collaborator. We collaborate with partners across business development, product, marketing, operations, legal, and finance teams to scope, test and implement new product ideas and tools for airports.
  • Lead initiatives across our business teams to grow strategic and long term opportunities with our various airport partners.
  • Bring your analytical A-game. Build business models to better understand trends, provide meaningful insights, and track efficiency of initiatives to ensure we're driving toward the best possible outcome at airports.
  • Prioritization and Optimization. An ideal candidate should be organized and always on top of timelines to ensure nothing gets missed. In this role, we pioneer new ways to add and improve to existing airport relationships.
  • Own contract renewal. Work in coordination with our business development team to drive growth and improved contract terms through standardized deal reviews.
  • Critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Navigate high-touch airport partners through strategic problem solving and ideation.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • 3 years of experience with minimum 1 year in a client-facing role

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 4-7 years of professional experience with 2+ years of client-facing experience
  • Cross-functional Management. Experience with collaborating with partners at all levels
  • Partnership Experience. Ability to have a 'sixth sense' when it comes to partnerships to easily navigate multiple partner engagements.
  • Product sense. Understanding of what makes a product experience not just good, but amazing and work cross-functionally with teams to build partner integrations that delight users and drive measurable impact.
  • Analytics. Demonstrated analytical skills and experience using data to drive decision making
  • An intuition for people. You're spending the majority of the time working with various internal and external teams, building and really cultivating new relationships with potential and existing partners and within all parts of an organization.
  • Self-starter and collaborator. This role required the ability to flex and stretch your critical thinking, pitching in as needed, but also knowing when to take control and lead a conversation with an engineer, a product manager, or airport executive.
  • Speed, resourcefulness, and go-getter attitude. We move fast and always operate in new spaces. We're looking for a teammate who can pick up things fast and run with them.
  • Experience in the travel industry and/or client services is a plus.