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Engineering Manager II - Global Intelligence

in Bangalore, India

About the Role

The Global Intelligence Team focuses on improving Uber network efficiency and relative position in the category with better data and algorithms. The challenging problems include benchmarking Uber's position in the category, modeling complex market-level dynamics, rider and driver choices, cross-service decisions across rides/eats, and fine-tuning Uber's pricing with data/algorithms from this team. The data engineers on the team leverage massive amounts of internal and external data to address these challenges, building scalable engineering solutions.

We are looking for people who are passionate about solving challenging business/product issues with well-trained data engineering expertise; and who are enthusiastic about seeking the truth via deep-diving into the complicated structured and unstructured data.

Engineering Manager at Uber exhibit the following qualities:

  • Builds Trust > Demonstrates personal excellence with empathy, authenticity, inclusivity, and fairness.
  • Grows and Adapts > Shows the ability to adapt to resilience and humility.
  • Sets Vision > Establishes team purpose and plans for execution.
  • Operationalize > Ensures operational efficiency and impact.
  • Develops and Coaches > Invests time in coaching and supports the development of others.
  • Connects > Fosters collaboration within and across teams.

What You'll Do

Provide technical leadership, set the vision and maintain high technical standards for your team

Ensure efficient operation and development productivity of the team

Manage your team, hire new talent responsible for ever-growing technical challenges

Collaborate across many areas of Uber, work with other technical, product and operation leaders across the Globe

Be the voice of your team and products it delivers


  • Experience. 12+ years of significant experience building scalable, fault-tolerant, and robust products and platforms. Including 5+ years in managing engineering teams of 10+ people. Leading teams in India and collaborating with teams in the US.
  • Hiring prowess. You're a strong leader who can attract talent in Bangalore, raising the bar for excellence.
  • Bias towards action. You believe that speed and quality aren't mutually exclusive. You've shown good judgment about shipping as fast as possible while still making sure that products are built in a sustainable, responsible way -- and you're comfortable making mistakes, provided you and your team learn from them.
  • Engineering perfection. You have the technical strength and deep knowledge of the whole stack to give phenomenal architecture and implementation mentorship to the teams who will count on your experience.
  • Mentorship. You know that the most important part of your job is setting the team up for success. Through mentoring, teaching, and reviewing, you help other specialists make sound architectural decisions, improve their code quality, and get out of their comfort zone.
  • Dedication. Cities never sleep, and neither does Uber. You care tremendously about keeping the Uber experience consistent for users and strive to make any issues invisible to riders. You are your harshest critic and hold yourself personally accountable, jumping in and taking ownership of problems that might not even be in your team's scope.

At Uber, we ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion. We take on big problems to help drivers, riders, delivery partners, and eaters get moving in more than 10,000 cities around the world.

We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build a future where everyone and everything can move independently. If you have the curiosity, passion, and collaborative spirit, work with us, and let's move the world forward, together.