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Research Intern - Advanced Technologies Center Paris

Research & Development, Advanced Technologies Group
in Paris, France

Uber Elevate's Advanced Technologies Center (ATCP)

Uber Elevate's Advanced Technologies Center (ATCP) is focused on advancing the state of knowledge in digital sciences, and developing advanced technologies that can help make cities smarter, better, and more efficient places to live and work. Based in Paris, France, the center brings together scientists and engineers working on many exciting topics that impact Elevate's vision of future air transport, including optimization, artificial intelligence, airspace management, sensing & perception, autonomous control, energy management and communication networks. Large scale combinatorial constraint satisfaction and optimization problems naturally arise at many levels in this context, which call for new distributed optimization algorithms that can robustly scale to very large numbers of processing cores.

What You'll Do

The goal of this 6 month internship is to apply recent results from machine learning to the efficient processing of large scale distributed decision and optimization problems. It will consider the SAT, and Pseudo-Boolean formalisms. It will exploit several levels of predictions and inferences.

  • Efficient problem splitting heuristics will have to be learned to generate sub-problems, along with predictions on sub-problem outcomes.
  • Borrowing modern concurrency concepts from Actor-oriented frameworks, asynchronous Future- or Task-based programming frameworks, the system will be built on master-worker architecture principles, where the goal is to achieve robust scalability by being able to concurrently start/restart/stop multiple sub-problem analyses.
  • Visualization of various aspects of the system will be studied as well, to present efficiently to the user relevant information on task decomposition, task result prediction, and search progress. Efficient visual feedback can benefit the design and understanding of the optimization system itself as well as that of the problems that are analyzed with it.

Keywords: Predicted execution, Large Scale Combinatorial Search, Machine Learning.

What You'll Need

  • Actively pursuing a Master's in Computer Science, Engineering or a related technical discipline
  • Knowledge and experience in at least one of the following domains:
    • SAT solving, Constraint Programming, Operations Research
    • Machine Learning (random forests, deep neural networks, graph learning, ...)
    • Concurrent/parallel/distributed programming models (futures/promises, async/await, actors
  • Demonstrated software engineering experience through previous internships, work experience, coding competitions, and/or publications
  • A commitment to writing understandable, maintainable, and reusable software
  • Research skills in relevant area for ATCP
  • End of studies internship favourable - last internship of studies in engineering school, business school or university, with previous internship experience
  • Written and spoken fluency in English
  • Availability for 6 months full time
  • Work authorisation for France

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