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Engineering Manager, Self Driving - Sensor Systems Software

Software, Advanced Technologies Group
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

About the Role

Uber ATG is looking for an Engineering Manager to join our Vehicle Platform software organization, to lead a team responsible for productionized autonomous driving sensor integrations.

We are building an organizational pipeline to accelerate the evaluation and deployment of the latest in autonomous driving sensing technology. This team's role is immediately after initial sensor evaluation and prototyping, and as the lead, you will be a key stakeholder in the formal selection process for new hardware.

You will help solidify sensor data as a first-class internal product and anticipate the needs of autonomy algorithms. This is an intensely cross-functional effort, and you will work with our advanced sensing, safety, hardware, calibration, localiation, mapping and perception teams to decrease the time it takes to deploy new capabilities to our production-level fleet. This is a results-focused product engineering team, not R&D.

What You'll Do

  • Align sensor requirements from autonomy, fleet operations and hardware
  • Foster a culture of safety and security on the team
  • Grow the team and the careers of individual contributors, recruiting from diverse industries such as biomedical, robotics and consumer electronics
  • Own the full lifecycle of a sensor; from initial customer use to instrumenting the systems with sufficient metrics to understand fleet reliability and support troubleshooting
  • Provide technical leadership in the design of our sensor data APIs, including lidar, radar, cameras, ultrasonics, audio, IMU and GPS
  • Give technical direction and hands-on support to build performant, unit tested sensor data parsing. Look beyond raw data in API design and find opportunities to share common pre-processing code among customers to conserve precious onboard computing resources
  • Collaborate with the Systems Engineering and Safety teams to define a cohesive fault management strategy for our sensing suite
  • Support the design and requirements gathering for time synchronization, in collaboration with other Vehicle Platform teams responsible for the onboard system environment

What You'll Need

  • Technical expertise in sensor data use and integration (autonomy, robotics or domain-specific sensor knowledge is not required)
  • Experience working in resource constrained embedded computing environments - one level up from firmware
  • Demonstrable people management experience; minimum 2 years of management of 4+ person teams
  • Excellent software engineering skills (C++ is most relevant)
  • Proven ability to work beyond the sensor integration or hardware discipline to grasp how the data is used by autonomy customers, and influence cross-functional teams
  • Proven ability to rapidly adapt to new technologies and organizational direction
  • Passion and a sense of ownership over all that you direct, own and manage

We're changing the way people think about transportation. Not that long ago we were just an app to request premium black cars in a few metropolitan areas. Now we're a part of the logistical fabric of more than 600 cities around the world. Whether it's a ride, a sandwich, or a package, we use technology to give people what they want, when they want it.

At Uber, we believe technology has the power to make transportation more efficient, accessible, and safer than ever before. Self-driving technology has the potential to make these benefits an everyday reality for our customers, but it's not going to happen overnight. Building best-in-class self-driving technology will take time, and safety is our priority every step of the way. Operating inclusively and transparently, while displaying responsible behavior in a structured development are critical to safety. We at ATG seek candidates who will role model these values