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Head of Scaled Business, Uber Eats Japan

Sales, Sales & Account Management
in Tokyo, Japan

#GreatMindsDon’tThinkAlike At Uber, we take pride in our diversity and working environment that sees you as more than just a person that can do the job, but a unique individual that can level up our organization with a perspective only you can offer. Uber provides a truly open culture that encourages all to voice their thoughts.

About The Team  Since launching the service in Japan in Sep. 2016, Uber Eats has become deeply rooted in the local food culture, both shaping and celebrating it, and helping small and large businesses connect with customers.  2024 brings a new chapter of the Delivery story, our vision is to 'deliver anything, to anyone, at anytime' and our goal is to make Uber a daily essential in people's life.

#GoGetIt embodies the attitude and mindset of Delivery at Uber. We need to ensure that we are growing all sides of our marketplace (merchants, delivery partners and eaters), so that we can provide the best customer experience possible for our consumers, as well as facilitating growth and earnings for our merchants and drivers.

About The Role

Head of Scaled Business, Uber Eats Japan, is responsible for the onboarding and account management of restaurants in Japan. Lead the strategy for the account management through setting clear priorities with deep data analysis, scalable approach, strong team building, and working cross-functionally with internal stakeholders to align on Japan strategy.  This role is responsible for non-corporate, non-national, relatively small size restaurant partners.  As such, this role requires very strong strategic and framework-based thinking as initiatives taken by this team needs to be truly scalable to impact a massive number of restaurants, reaching tens of thousands of restaurant partners.

Contribution to the society: Japan is a market that is oriented to small & mid size businesses in general, but especially when it comes to the restaurant industry. Uber Eats provides new business opportunities as a platformer to these restaurants, enabling them in expanding their businesses. We enable restaurants who do not have enough resource to invest in digital technology, to survive and grow their business, particularly for the restaurants in suburban cities. This role will enable and support these restaurants as a platformer to drive the advancement of Japanese society through its success.

Your Impact in Role:

Team Leadership and Management

  • Recruit, coach, mentor, and lead a high-performing team of strategy and sales professionals.  To note, this role will oversee a large team consisting of c.a. 15 FTEs (Full Time Employees) and 130 contractors.
  • Build a highly motivated team through clear team culture based on psychological safety, authenticity, exciting vision and enablement of team members.
  • Provide comprehensive leadership and managerial support, building a culture that upholds Uber Values.
  • Foster collaboration with local, regional, and global cross-functional teams including operations, marketing, product, finance, and customer support to ensure alignment and seamless execution of merchant strategies.

Merchant Strategy & Growth

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive merchant sales growth strategy aligned with the company's overall business objectives.  Any initiative by this team needs to be scalable to thousands of restaurant partners, thus strategic and framework based thinking is critical.
  • Analyze quantitative and qualitative data (e.g. market trends, competitor activities, customer feedback, etc.) to continually refine the merchant strategy.
  • Prepare strategic presentations for executive reviews, providing actionable insights and recommendations based on data.
  • Engage in 1-1 JBP (Joint Business Planning) discussions with selected mid market merchants.

Sales Leadership

  • Build, lead, coach, and inspire a sizeable sales team in acquiring and deepening merchant partnerships across multiple products.
  • Provide the foundation of a solution based account management and instill a culture of people development, focus, integrity, and results from the ground up in our account executives
  • Prepare for the future. Work with our operations and product teams on what the future of food delivery will look like (reinventing and digitizing restaurants, disrupting delivery, etc.)
  • Be able to execute in short-term sprints while maintaining a vision for long-term sustained success.
  • Establish ambitious sales targets and performance metrics, monitoring progress and making data-driven adjustments as needed.
  • Regularly analyze sales data and key metrics to assess performance against goals and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Provide executive coverage and build long-lasting relationships with key merchant partners.

Merchant Experience and Engagement

  • Implement data-driven analytics to identify opportunities to improve Merchant Quality and Experience.
  • Optimize operational processes related to merchant onboarding, ongoing support, and compliance with local regulations.

Your Impact in Role:

  • 10+ years of experience in general management, consulting, strategic sales roles, and/or equivalent commercial roles with management experience of a team of 50+ and sales experience in Japan.
  • Advanced business-level Japanese with fluent English communication skills and 8+ years of experience working in Japan.
  • A great team leader and people manager

    • Exceptional at building highly motivated teams through clear team culture based on psychological safety, authenticity, exciting vision and enablement of team members.
    • Great at developing team members through close coaching and teaching, with a strong mindset and belief that enabling team members is the leader’s role.
  • Strong strategic thinking and analytical skills, with the ability to translate data into actionable insights.

  • Exceptional business judgment and critical thinking skills with the ability to use data to quickly establish the highest value priorities and develop a strategy to pursue them.
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities simultaneously; 1) short term and long term, 2) local priorities and global priorities.
  • Ability to work effectively in a matrixed environment with cross functional stakeholders.
  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic environment and adapt to evolving business needs.
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills.


#GreatMindsDon'tThinkAlike Uberでは、社員が職場での多様性と労働環境に誇りを持って仕事をしています。それは社員が単に仕事のために働いているからではなく、彼らひとりひとりの持つユニークな視点を活かして会社をより高いレベルの組織に引き上げる環境があると考えているからです。


2016年9月に日本でサービスを開始して以来、Uber Eatsは地域の食文化に深く根付き、それを形成し、祝福し、大小の事業者が顧客とつながる手助けをしてきました。 2024年、オンライン・デリバリーの新たな章が始まります。私たちのビジョンは「欲しい時に、欲しいものを、誰にでも届ける」ことであり、Uberを人々の生活に欠かせない日常使いのサービスにすることが目標です。

#GoGetIt は、Uberにおけるデリバリーの姿勢と考え方を体現しています。マーケットプレイスのあらゆる側面(加盟店、配達パートナー、注文者)を確実に成長させ、あらゆる消費者に最高の顧客体験を提供するとともに、加盟店や配達パートナーの成長と収益を促進する必要があります。


Uber Eats JapanのHead of Scaled Businessとして、日本におけるレストランのオンボーディング及びアカウントマネジメントを担当するチームのマネジメントをおこないます。多岐にわたるデータ分析、スケーラブルなアプローチ、強力なチームビルディング、社内ステークホルダーとのクロスファンクショナルな協働を通じて明確な優先順位を設定し、日本戦略との整合性を図りながら、アカウントマネジメントの戦略をリードします。 担当先は個人経営の加盟店から地域に特化したチェーン店、比較的小規模な全国チェーンと数万店に渡ります。 そのため、このチームの戦略及びプランは、膨大な数の加盟店に影響を与え、真にスケーラブルなものである必要があるため、この役割には非常に強力な戦略的思考とフレームワークに基づく思考が求められます。

社会貢献: 日本の外食産業の大半は中小企業によって構成されています。Uber Eats は、こうした飲食店にプラットフォーマーとして新たなビジネスチャンスを提供し、ビジネスの拡大を可能にします。特に郊外都市では、デジタル技術に投資する十分なリソースを持たない加盟店様のビジネスを成長させることを可能にします。








事業目標に沿った包括的な加盟店販売成長戦略を策定し、実行します。 このチームによるイニシアチブは、数万店の加盟店に拡張可能である必要があるため、戦略的かつフレームワークに基づいた思考が重要です。





  • 10年以上の一般管理職、コンサルティング、戦略的営業職、またはそれに準ずる商業職の経験、10名以上のチームの管理経験もしくは複数のチームを同時にマネージした、チームマネージメント経験、および日本での営業経験。
  • 高度なビジネスレベルの日本語と流暢な英語コミュニケーションスキルを有し、日本での勤務経験が8年以上ある方。
  • 優れたチームリーダー、ピープルマネージャー
  • 心理的安全性、信頼性、エキサイティングなビジョン、チームメンバーの能力を最大限引き出す明確なチーム文化を通じて、モチベーションの高いチームを構築することに卓越している。
  • チームメンバーの能力を引き出すことがリーダーの役割であるという強い考え方と信念を持ち、親身なコーチングと指導を通じてチームメンバーを成長させることに長けている。
  • 戦略的思考と分析力に優れ、データを実用的な洞察に変換できる。
  • 卓越したビジネス判断力とクリティカルシンキングスキルを有し、データを用いて最も価値の高い優先事項を迅速に設定し、それを追求する戦略を策定する能力を有する。
  • 複数の視点を持ちながら業務を遂行する能力:1)短期戦略と長期戦略、2)国内の優先順位とグローバル優先順位。
  • マトリックス組織において、機能横断的なステークホルダーと効果的に協働する能力。
  • ダイナミックな環境で活躍し、進化するビジネスニーズに適応する能力。
  • 優れた組織開発及び管理能力とプロジェクト管理能力

We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build a future where everyone and everything can move independently. If you have the curiosity, passion, and collaborative spirit, work with us, and let’s move the world forward, together.

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