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Join a fleet

In Ghana


Get a car and start making money in Accra or Kumasi by driving for a fleet in your area. Joining a fleet is a quick and easy way to start driving. Other options are also available.

Fleet benefits

Pay nothing upfront

Get into a car and start making money. You won’t have to put any money down, but you will have to pay ongoing fees to the fleet owner.

Easy signup

No need to run a credit check. Just get a car and start making money.

Get started

1. Sign up to drive

Create, then activate your account online or at a Green Light Hub.

2. Join a fleet

Once you're approved to drive with Uber, connect with fleet owners in your area in person, on job websites, or through referrals.

3. Start driving

Just download the Uber driver app and start driving. The app connects you to riders, and gives you directions and 24/7 support.

Fleet change

Due to legal reasons, Uber cannot restrict or otherwise dictate the movement of drivers from one partner to another.

  • Becoming an Independent Operator

    1. Click on the link
    2. Select “Become your own partner”
    3. Select the country you operate in
    4. Choose "Become my own partner"
    5. Fill in your Uber Profile's email address (please note that the email address is case-sensitive)
    6. Submit

    *Note: Change can take up to an hour, please wait for your confirmation SMS that you have now become your own partner.

  • There are 2 ways to submit the request to change partners. Either through the Driver app, or by using the change form

    How to request through the Driver app:

    1. Open the Uber Partner App
    2. Go to “Profile" (Top Right)
    3. Choose “Help" (Top Right)
    4. Choose “Account and Payment"
    5. Choose “Managing driver and Fleet Partners”
    6. Follow instructions on the page
  • Make sure that you enter the correct information on the form. If incorrect information is submitted, the change will not occur and you will have to submit the form again.

    To get the information:

    1. Go to your partner dashboard
    2. Select the menu tab (3 lines) from the upper left corner of your dashboard.
    3. Select “Profile” from the list of options
    4. You will find your email address and phone number as shown on the picture

Become a fleet owner

Put your cars to work by joining Uber as a fleet owner. Simply sign up to get started. Then add your car (or cars) in the fleet dashboard and download the UberFLEET app for Android to add drivers and manage your fleet. You can make money for every trip your drivers complete.

Start making money with Uber in Ghana

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