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Make team meals easy with group ordering

Simplify how you organize team meals by letting individual employees add their own items to shared group orders.

It’s easy to set up meals for the entire team

Create an Uber for Business account

It’s free and easy to sign up. Get started here.

Set your team meal policies

Build your own program by deciding details like delivery locations, meal frequency, and more.

Start a group order

Any team member linked to your meal policy can start an order from or through the Uber Eats mobile app.

Add team members to the group order

Share a custom link, where each employee can browse the menu and choose their meal.

Place the order

Once everyone has their meal order in, the team admin submits it to the restaurant.

Delivery and done

Anyone who is part of the group order can track group orders online or in the app.

“Uber for Business helped us lower the meal costs for our sales kickoff, while also supporting local restaurants.”

Angelina Elhassan, Director of Events and Field Marketing, Samsara

Make group ordering an experience that everyone will enjoy

Employees pick their favorites

With group ordering, employees select their own dishes, made to their specific tastes. That saves you time and ensures their satisfaction.

Safety is always a top priority

Every meal is individually packed for hygiene and absolute freshness. That means no more orders that end up in the wrong hands.

Budget-friendly for your business

Save on fees by combining employee meals into a single delivery, and set group ordering limits that match your policies.

Advanced features make group ordering effortless

Order in advance

Planning ahead? You can schedule group orders ahead of time to make sure everyone has had a chance to submit their items.

Per-person spending limits

Control costs and make it easy for employees to know what’s acceptable to order by setting up individual spending limits. Make unexpected bills and expenses a thing of the past.

You’ve got teams to feed. We’re here to help.