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The Clean Air Plan

Helping to reduce air pollution in London

More than 3.6m Londoners regularly use the Uber app, and over half of the miles travelled on UberX in the capital are in hybrid or electric vehicles. We want to do even more to help combat air pollution in the capital.

The Clean Air Plan has been designed to support the Mayor’s vision of a cleaner, healthier London. A key element is helping drivers upgrade to cleaner vehicles. We are aiming to make sure every car on the app in London is fully electric by 2025.

Come start your Journey to Electric:

Supporting the transition to electric

To help support drivers switch to EVs, we launched our Clean Air Plan in January 2019. After three years, this scheme has been hugely successful, accumulating over £145 million to help drivers switch to electric vehicles and support their ongoing vehicle costs.

To drive the mass transition to electric vehicles, we are also investing £5 million in public electric vehicle chargers, with over 700 EV charging points to be installed in areas of London with the greatest need. We have also expanded Uber Green from zone one in London to now cover Greater London, so you can ride zero-emission with ease.

There is still a lot of work to do to drive a green recovery and clean up urban transport, but the future is green and with your continued support we’re getting closer to our ambition of becoming a fully electric mobility platform in the UK by 2030.

Frequently asked questions

  • The Clean Air Plan is designed to help tackle some of the key challenges drivers face in upgrading to cleaner vehicles. The plan will only be available to drivers in London initially, but we’re excited to start helping to build a cleaner future. We are keen to expand to other UK cities, so look out for more information from us.