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Help keep each other safe

Everyone has a role to play in helping to create a safe environment. That’s why we have standards on account sharing, account holder age and more.

Account sharing

Account sharing is not allowed, except for couriers who have appointed a substitute. To use the Uber Platform, you need to register and maintain an active account. Don’t let another person use your account, and never share your personal information used in connection with your account—including but not limited to username, password, or photos of yourself—with anyone else to access the Uber platform.

  • Protect your account. Unless you are a courier who has appointed a substitute, do not let someone else accept requests through the Uber Platform using your account.

  • Protect your account. Don’t let someone else access your account. Requesting a trip or delivery for another person who meets our age requirement is fine and not a violation of Uber’s Community Guidelines.

  • Protect your account. Never let someone else rent a scooter or bike using your account.

People under the age of 18

You must be 18 years or older to have an Uber account. This means that you must be at least 18 years old to ride unaccompanied in a vehicle. Account holders can’t request a ride or delivery for someone under the age of 18 who will not be accompanied by either the account holder or another adult during the ride or when collecting the delivery. When ordering food, children are also not allowed to use an adult’s Uber Eats account by themselves.¹

  • If you notice at pickup or delivery that your rider or customer looks under 18, you can decline the trip or delivery and report it to Uber. Note that refusing or canceling trips on this basis will not impact your driver or courier rating. It’s also a good idea to let your rider or customer know why you can’t accept the trip or complete the delivery, so they’re not left wondering what happened.

  • Adults can’t request a trip for someone under the age of 18 or allow them to ride alone.

  • People under the age of 18 are not allowed to use an adult’s Uber Eats account to request deliveries. And anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to order or receive alcohol deliveries.

  • People under the age of 18 aren’t allowed to rent a bike or scooter using the Uber Platform.

Extra riders and non-account riders

When driving with Uber, no one other than the driver, the requesting rider, and the rider's guests should be in the vehicle. When riding with Uber, the account holder is responsible for the behaviour of their entire party. If you request a ride or a delivery for another adult, you’re held responsible for their behaviour during their trip or delivery.

Vehicle information

For an easy pickup or delivery, the Uber platform gives riders and customers identifying information about drivers and couriers and their vehicles, which may include their licence plate number, vehicle make and model, profile picture, and name.

  • You must complete trips and deliveries using only approved vehicles (except for substitutes acting on behalf of couriers). So that Uber can provide accurate information and help users not be confused, let us know your vehicle information and any updates to your documentation that may become invalid, like a driver’s licence that's about to expire.

  • Always check your trip against the information provided in the app. Don't get into a car with a driver who doesn’t have the correct identifying information.

Seat belts

Seat belt use can be the most effective way to save lives and reduce injuries related to car crashes. Every driver, every courier using a vehicle, and every rider—including those in the back seat—should always buckle up. Riders should request a vehicle that has enough seat belts for everyone in their party and not travel in large groups that exceed the number of seat belts in the vehicle. Drivers must decline a ride if there are not enough seat belts in their vehicle for every rider.

Helmets for bikes, mopeds, and scooters

For your safety, when riding a bike, moped, or scooter, find a helmet that fits well. Helmets can help protect you when worn according to the manufacturer’s instructions, such as sitting low on your forehead and fitting snugly under your chin.

Use of dashcams that record video and/or audio

Drivers may choose to install and use a dashcam, which can be used to record rides and provide evidence to Uber, law enforcement, or insurance companies in the event that something goes wrong on a ride. Broadcasting a person’s image, audio, or video recording is not allowed.

Tips for drivers

Riders entering a rideshare vehicle with a dashcam may be concerned about how the video, their image, or conversations captured by a dashcam will be used. Some licensing authorities do not allow the use of dashcams or CCTV or require, amongst other things, that a rider provides consent to being recorded. Please check the status of laws and applicable regulations in the United Kingdom to understand your responsibilities.

Drivers may submit recordings to Uber at their discretion. Uber may review submitted footage and take all action consistent with the Community Guidelines and platform terms of use.

Sharing or streaming a person’s image or audio or video recording on social media or in other digital or physical public locations is a violation of our Community Guidelines and may prompt further investigation by our safety team.

Be alert

Being out on the road means doing your part to help keep yourself and others safe. This means keeping your eyes on the road and being well rested, so you can quickly react to any situation. We review reports of crashes and potentially unsafe driving behaviour.

Proper maintenance and upkeep

Pursuant to the terms of their agreement with Uber, drivers and couriers are expected to keep their vehicles maintained and in good operating condition, including but not limited to brakes, seat belts, lights and tires. This means maintaining their vehicle according to industry safety and maintenance standards, and monitoring for and repairing any parts that are recalled by the vehicle manufacturer.

Share the road

Safe roadways require drivers to practice safe behaviour, which includes looking out for all travellers, regardless of how they get around.

  • Always look over your shoulder before exiting a vehicle, and keep an eye out for cyclists, cars, pedestrians and scooters.

  • Keep a lookout for other people who are travelling by bike, by scooter or on foot, and be aware of the road conditions ahead of you.

Public emergencies

Uber may take additional measures to try to preserve the safety of the Uber platform during public emergencies, including but not limited to natural disasters, public health emergencies, and public crisis situations.

For example, if Uber receives notice from a public health authority that someone using the Uber platform may present a potential for public harm, we may temporarily block the individual’s access until it is reasonably safe to allow the individual to resume using the Uber platform. Similarly, we may prevent individuals in an entire city or region from using part or all of the Uber platform or impose other requirements to comply with guidance from authorities during a time of public health emergency, natural disaster, or other public crisis situation, or when the continued availability of the Uber platform might present a danger.

Additional guidelines for Uber Eats

In addition to following all of Uber’s Community Guidelines, see our standards for Uber Eats orders and deliveries.

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Treat everyone with respect

Follow the law