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Providing a great McDonald’s delivery experience

We’re excited to help McDonald’s deliver food to hungry eaters all over the UK and Ireland. If you are picking up and delivering the food, you’re an important part of the journey. Below are some recommendations from McDonald’s to help you provide a great delivery experience.

Arriving at McDonald’s

  • Park safely

    Arrive promptly and use the in-app arrival instructions to park in a safe place. Be careful not to block entrances and make sure to obey traffic and parking laws.

  • Bring your insulated bag

    It’s important to keep the food at the right temperature. If you need a bag, you can purchase one directly from the online equipment shop.

  • Look out for your order

    The screens in the restaurant will show when your order is ready, so please keep an eye on them.


Inside McDonald’s

  • Remove your helmet

    To help you interact with the restaurant staff.

  • Be professional

    Treat staff and customers in a friendly and polite manner. We encourage you to rate the restaurant after your delivery to let Uber Eats know your feedback on these interactions too.

  • Check your order number

    Check that the order number on the receipt matches what is in your app. Remember, you should only ever deliver one McDonald’s order at a time.


Delivering the order

  • Secure the food

    Ensure the food is packed neatly and prevent drinks from spilling. There should only be food from McDonald’s in your bag.

  • Let the eater see your insulated bag

    Take the food out of your insulated bag in front of the eater - this can have a really positive impact on their experience.

  • No school deliveries

    McDonald’s has a policy of not delivering to schools. If you see a school address as the delivery location, please cancel the order.


The above recommendations should help you receive a good courier rating and delivery experience. Note that failure to meet these recommendations could lead to negative feedback and may result in you no longer being able to receive delivery requests from McDonald’s through the app.