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Economic opportunities

Is economic empowerment possible for everyone? Absolutely.

Even when faced with unstable job markets and vulnerable sectors, cities where Uber operates have access to earning opportunities, so people can make things happen for themselves.


Providing opportunities

Uber is helping people find relief from mounting expenses with earning opportunities, flexible hours and the resources to help them make more.

Uber offers a route out of the French banlieues

A recent survey found that drivers using the Uber app in France who were previously unemployed often came from the poorest parts of Paris, and Uber was described by the Financial Times as “a route out of the banlieue”. In fact, during the first half of 2016, a quarter of new earning opportunities in the Paris area came from transport platforms like Uber.

Uber can be a buffer for independent workers

A study by JPMorgan Chase Institute found that independent workers using platforms such as Uber were able to use their app-based earnings to offset drops in their income.