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Fuel your business with great food

Treat employees and clients to corporate meals with food delivery that's customisable to your business.

Business meals are great for any occasion

Offering food is an effective way to reward employees and engage customers.

  • Meals in the office

    Treat employees to in-office lunches. Let employees choose a delicious meal while they stay within budget and policy.

  • Meals after hours

    Keep your late-night employees fuelled with their favourite meals. Set time, day, budget and item restrictions with a meal programme or provide vouchers to employees.

  • Meals at home

    Offer stipends for remote employees, or encourage virtual event attendance with meal vouchers. You can set rules based on location, time and much more.

  • Meals while travelling

    Whether for travelling sales teams or employees at client sites, you can set up meal programs to make sure they’re well-fed no matter where they are.

  • Meals as an employee reward

    Let your team know that you value them by sending a voucher or an Uber gift card* they can use in the Uber Eats app to get meals delivered right to them.


A seamless ordering experience from start to finish

  • Global restaurant selection

    Choose from a varying selection of 825K+ restaurants around the world.

  • Diverse meal options

    Pick from a variety of cuisines and dietary preferences, including vegan and gluten-free.

  • Convenient search filters

    Filter by cuisine, delivery time, rating, price and more to find exactly what you're looking for.


Why Uber for Business? The proof is in the platform

Available globally

Uber for Business is available in 6,000+ cities across 32 countries, making it easy to scale employee meal solutions to current international offices, or as you grow.

One platform for meals and trips

Easily manage employee trips and eats on one intuitive platform and avoid dealing with multiple billing systems, vendor invoices and more.

Focused on sustainability

Whether it's multi-modal delivery to cut down on emissions, utensil opt-in to reduce plastic waste, or group orders to improve efficiency, we operate with sustainability in mind.

More ways to save

Set spending limits on meal programmes or offer vouchers (you pay only for the amount used). Plus, order by group size to avoid bulk orders. Additionally, sign up for Uber One for added discounts.

Start fuelling your business with great food

"Being able to add one corporate card was a huge relief, not only for the employees but also for people approving expenses."

Suzanna Hodder, Workplace Manager, BetterHelp

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Frequently asked questions

  • The options for food delivery to your office include setting up a group order for team lunches or a meal programme with spending limits and location restrictions so employees can order from Uber Eats on their own.

  • The Uber for Business platform is free to enrol in. Your organisation will be charged for costs associated with placing meal orders on Uber Eats, as per usual.

    You can get started today by signing up to access the Uber for Business dashboard. Signing up will require verifying your work email and adding a payment method to complete account set-up (don't worry – you won't be charged).

    If your business has more than 500 employees, you can also contact our sales team to help get you set up for more custom needs.

  • A meal programme can be customised to meet your business needs by setting up usage rules for time, day, item restrictions, spending limits, location and more. Learn more here.

  • Yes. Meal programmes through the Uber for Business dashboard are very customisable. You can create as many programmes as needed to customise for location and spending limit.

  • A business of any size can use Uber Eats food delivery service for their office.

  • To start a group order, select a restaurant and tap the Group Order button. Customise your settings, add participants and place orders. To learn more, visit this page.

  • If you're an Uber for Business customer, you and all your employees get access to highly-rated premium support agents, available 24/7. You can contact Support through live chat or in-app support. In the US, phone support is available by calling 800-253-9377.

  • Uber has lots of initiatives to improve sustainability metrics, including:

    • Multi-modal delivery: Couriers have the option to make deliveries by walking or using bikes, scooters or electric vehicles. Through a variety of partnerships, Uber is making it easier for couriers to access greener vehicles.

    • Group orders: Uber Eats users can place group orders with friends or colleagues to share a courier on an order from the same restaurant. Batching orders improves efficiency and reduces duplicative travel and emissions.

    • Utensil opt-in: To reduce plastic waste, Uber Eats users have to request utensils and straws, as these are no longer automatically included in meal orders.

    • Neighbourhood pick-up: Uber Eats displays a pick-up map with a wide selection of neighbourhood restaurants where customers could choose to walk and pick up their orders in person.

*Gift cards in US dollars are issued by The Bancorp Bank, N.A.