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Enhance any experience with trip and meal vouchers

Treat your employees, teams and customers to an experience they’ll remember. See how businesses like yours use vouchers to keep people coming back.

Set your business apart with vouchers

Vouchers is a solution that empowers organisations to pay fully or partially for trips with Uber and orders with Uber Eats. Vouchers campaigns can easily be created and managed right from the Uber for Business dashboard.

  • Make events memorable

    Encourage event attendance virtually or in person by covering meals or trips for holiday parties, customer meet-ups and more.

  • Drive employee engagement

    Show you care by offering monthly trip and meal credits, or stand out from the competition by subsidising trips to interviews.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Keep people coming back by offering subsidised trips, help drive demand with customer incentives, and more.


Getting started is easy

Step 1: Enable

Enable vouchers campaigns on your Uber for Business dashboard and designate people to have admin access.

Step 2: Create

Customise single or bulk vouchers with parameters of your choice, including dollar amounts, locations, and date and time windows.

Step 3: Distribute

Send vouchers by email, text message, URL or directly in the Uber app. Then send reminders to guests to redeem their vouchers as needed.

Step 4: Redeem

Customers or employees can then add the vouchers to their personal Uber profile, where vouchers will be applied at checkout.

Manage vouchers from one place

Our redesigned dashboard has easy-to-use features that make it easier than ever to set up and distribute vouchers. People will thank you later.

  • Send vouchers seamlessly

    Give trip or meal vouchers to your employees directly from the dashboard, saving you time and money.

  • Schedule your communications

    Prepare your campaigns in advance by pre-scheduling a date to send out your vouchers.

  • Use multiple payment methods

    Charge vouchers campaigns to corporate cards of your choosing for easier reporting and expensing.

  • Increase event attendance

    Create incentives for virtual and in-person events by offering vouchers for food and trips.

  • Customise as you see fit

    Send vouchers using your organisation’s logo to provide an even more tailored, elevated and effective touch point.

  • Easily remove recipients

    Remove individual recipients from a campaign if your attendee list has shifted, without ruining the fun for all.


Vouchers encourage engagement

Easy to customise

Set parameters such as date and time to control how vouchers are redeemed. Plus, only pay for trips and meals that your guests actually use, so you never overpay.

Easy to adapt

Whether employees are WFH or across the country, vouchers reach users wherever they are. Simply input the value type and let Uber handle the hassle of converting currency.

Easy to send

Create vouchers instantly and distribute by email, text and other channels. Then track the status of voucher redemptions from the Uber for Business dashboard.

"Being able to surprise and delight our customers with a complimentary trip with Uber is a great way to build upon our broader national partnership and make it more convenient than ever to travel to and from our shopping centres."

Lili Fakhari, Senior Regional Marketing Director, Unibail-Rodamco Westfield

Start elevating your business

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Frequently asked questions

  • With vouchers, you can distribute Uber credit to your team or clients while retaining control over the way they can be used. With parameters such as expiry dates, location restrictions and more, you can choose to only purchase trips or meals for specific cases, such as at a specific event or within working hours.

    Gift cards offer a much more independent experience for employees or customers, giving them the freedom to use the provided amount of Uber credit however they wish. You can purchase gift cards here.

  • You only pay for voucher purchases when your employee or customer redeems the voucher by applying it to a trip or meal. At that point, you’re billed for the amount that the user spent. For instance, if you distribute £100 in vouchers and only £50 is used, you pay £50.

    With gift cards, on the other hand, you purchase the full credit amount up-front.

  • Companies use vouchers as a morale booster for employees, a scalable way to buy meals for virtual or in-person event attendees, a system to subsidise trips to their business, or even an incentive to customers as part of a rewards programme.

    Gift cards are frequently purchased by companies as end-of-year or festive gifts for employees, corporate gifts or customer thank yous, and prizes or giveaways.

  • The voucher amount will be charged to the company in the currency of organisation, not the trip or order. You can change currency as part of the voucher-creation process. This means that the voucher value will be set for a particular currency, but users will always see it in their home currency (or the currency of the place where they’re ordering a trip or meal).

  • Once you’ve customised and created single or bulk vouchers with parameters of your choosing, you can then distribute your vouchers by email, text message or URL, or by inputting it into the Uber app. You can also send redeem reminders to recipients as needed.

  • Employees or customers will receive their voucher by email, text message or URL, or by inputting it into the Uber app. They can then add the voucher to their personal Uber profile once they click on the link sent by the organisation. The voucher will be applied at checkout.

  • Take a look at our Help Centre or contact Support at