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Research Software Engineer, Advanced Technology Center - Uber Elevate

Engineering à Paris, France

About Uber Elevate


Uber Elevate is working toward transforming the world through aerial ridesharing at scale:

on-demand aviation has the potential to radically improve urban mobility, giving people back time lost in their daily commutes. Just as skyscrapers allowed cities to use limited land more efficiently, urban air transportation will use three-dimensional airspace to alleviate transportation congestion on the ground. A network of small, electric aircraft that take off and land vertically (called VTOL aircraft for Vertical Take-off and Landing, and pronounced vee-tol), will enable rapid, reliable transportation between suburbs and cities and, ultimately, within cities. Planned for 2023, UberAir will allow riders to tap a button and get a flight in three partner cities including Dallas and Los Angeles.

About the role

Uber Elevate's Advanced Technologies Center (ATCP)  is focused on advancing the state of knowledge in digital sciences, and developing advanced technologies that can help make cities smarter, better, and more efficient places to live and work. Based in Paris, France, The center brings together scientists and engineers working on many exciting topics that impact Elevate's vision of future air transport, including artificial intelligence (E.g. machine learning and optimization), airspace management, sensing & perception, autonomous control, energy management and communication networks.

ATCP scientists and engineers have the opportunity to directly impact the development of innovative transportation in cities, with a huge positive effect on people's lives. Research is conducted in an open environment, with results published in scientific journals and conferences, open-source software platforms, and collaborations with the best universities and researchers worldwide. The center started in 2019 and the team is growing fast, allowing each member to participate in shaping this exciting adventure.

We are looking for adaptable software engineers who are ready to support exciting, state of the art research by implementing advanced algorithms in very efficient prototypes, advising on the design of software approaches to make use of new theories, building software platforms to allow experimentations and validation on relevant data at scale, and interacting with the other teams within Elevate to leverage the research into products. All software development benefits from Uber's state-of-the-art compute infrastructure and tools.

What you'll do


  • Take responsibility for delivering appropriate solutions for the support of research projects, either internal to ATCP, in collaboration with other Elevate teams, or in partnership with other research institutions.
  • Discuss with research scientists their needs in terms of software platforms and modules that are the most relevant for their thrust of research
  • Develop efficient implementations of innovative algorithms, starting from published research papers or from the interaction with research scientists.
  • Discuss with Elevate's other teams (in particular Airspace services and Data science) the possible transfer of research result in their activities, as well as their development roadmap in order to inform and orient ATCP research.
  • Propose the architecture of research platforms that support the testing and evaluation of research results and algorithms in a consistent manner
  • Organize the appropriate integration/interfacing of ATCP's research software with internal data sources and software elements


What You’ll Need


Minimum of 4 years of Experience with software development in support of research and development activities.


Please provide the following information in your application:

    1. Your CV
    2. A short description of (one or two) development projects you have been involved in




  • Architecture Design (REQUIRED)
    • In addition to having an intimate knowledge of software development, candidate understands how all the pieces fit together into integrated systems, and how they impact performance.
    • the research scientists typically do not provide a complete specification of their needs for software tools and environments: candidate should be able to propose solutions and architectures suitable for each problem, keeping in mind the need for scalability.
  • Coding (REQUIRED)
    • Demonstrated coding ability in at least two languages (Java, Python, C/C++ , etc)
    • Familiarity with machine learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch... is a plus (nice-to-have)
    • experience in developing efficient code (real-time or constrained execution environments)
  • Collaboration (REQUIRED)
    • by nature, this job required continuous interactions with the research scientists as well as the Elevate teams, as well as external partners in specific projects.
  • Execution and Results (REQUIRED)
    • We're looking for team members who thrive on applying their knowledge, learning new technologies and don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Candidate should be able to adapt easily to meet the fast pace of a rapidly evolving research, development, and testing environment.
    • Data oriented - i.e. be able to set up experiments to measure things that will in turn drive decisions.
    • Ability to deliver proof-of-concept implementations under time constraints
  • Domain Deep Dive (NICE_TO_HAVE)
    • Expertise with at least one particular topic among machine learning, optimization, computer vision or distributed control is a plus.

Déclaration de confidentialité pour les postulants

Chez Uber, nous ne faisons pas qu'accepter la différence : nous la célébrons, nous la soutenons et nous l'encourageons pour nos collaborateurs, nos produits et notre communauté. Uber est fier d'offrir les mêmes opportunités à chacun. Nous nous engageons à offrir à tous les mêmes opportunités, quels que soient, par exemple, l'origine, la religion, l'identité et orientation sexuelle, l'âge, la nationalité, le statut marital ou le handicap.