6 février 2018 / Zurich

Allons #spreadmorelove en 2018! Uber et ifolor s’associent pour vous transmettre de l’Amour. 

Racontez nous votre rencontre pour participer au concours et gagner une surprise exceptionnelle.

L’Amour est fou, beau et excitant. Il est partout – dans les yeux d’un enfant, dans le calin d’un ami cher ou tout simplement lors de la simplicité d’un moment à deux.

Uber et et ifolor souhaitent faire de ces moments d’Amour, des moments inoubliables, en transformer votre histoire en une histoire tangible et éternelle.

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Les tuyaux de l’amour de vos chauffeurs d’Uber

Fred, Potomac

“I would say this: If men would learn to just listen, and sometimes shut up, they would be better off. I hear lots of stuff in the car, and ultimately men just need to realize how much smarter women are than they are. Seriously, I think that women are so much more in tune to relationships that men are.”

Muhd, Singapur

„Just one thing: Your wife is always right“

Janessa, San Francisco

“The best advice I would have for Uber riders would be to disconnect from their phones and pick their heads up. Too many times I see couples glued to their phones, and I would recommend putting your phone, sit close to one another, share what’s going on in your day, and be PRESENT for your partner.”

Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉