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Budweiser stage

Instructions pour les chauffeurs

The Budweiser Stage (formerly the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre) makes it easy for riders to request an Uber to and from concerts all summer log. And with a designated Uber Zone for drivers, it’s easy to cash in on the excitement.

Requests at the Budweiser Stage

How to pick up riders

The Budweiser Stage is a busy venue on nights when there are concerts. To help make it easier to meet your rider and pick them up after a concert, we've introduced an Uber Zone.

Follow these steps for a smooth pickup:

  1. Enter the venue from Lake Shore Blvd. W. and then turn on Remembrance Dr. You may be asked to show your Uber Driver app by the Budweiser Stage event staff.
  2. Look for the Uber signs at the entrance of Budweiser Stage.
  3. Drivers will receive a trip request in the same order that they entered the waiting area.
  4. Once you receive a trip request, accept it.
  5. Your rider will meet you at the Uber Zone, where you'll begin the trip. Find out where the Uber Zone is located below.

Pro tip:

  • If the area is busy, contact your rider to explain where the Uber Zone is located
  • Remember to ask for your rider’s name before they enter your vehicle

Rides to Budweiser Stage

How drop-offs work

The Budweiser Stage can be busy on concert nights. When dropping riders off at the Budweiser Stage, enter the venue at Lake Shore Blvd. W. and Remembrance Drive. Keep an eye out for Uber signage at the Uber Zone.

Step-by-step instructions

Uber Zone at the Budweiser Stage

How to access the Uber Zone:

  1. Drive on Lake Shore Blvd W and turn onto Remembrance Dr. Follow the Uber signs upon entering the venue and look for the Uber signs at the entrance of Budweiser Stage.

  2. When you enter the Uber Zone, you’ll automatically be placed in line for the next trip request at the Budweiser Stage. You will then be placed in a virtual queue where the first driver-partner to enter will be the first to receive a trip request.

  3. Your riders at Budweiser Stage will be instructed to meet you in the Uber Zone after the show is over.

Keep in mind, you will lose your place if:

  • You go offline on your partner app
  • You drive outside of the Uber Zone
  • You do not accept the incoming request
  • You cancel a ride. If the rider cancels you will remain at the front of the line

Big nights for earnings at Budweiser Stage

Upcoming concert schedule

5/247pm11pmBroken Social Scene + Portugal. The Man
6/66pm10:30pmThirty Seconds to Mars
6/136:30pm7pmImagine Dragons



Concerts will usually finish between 10:30-11pm. Beat the rush and head to the Uber Zone to be ready when the show is over and riders leave.

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