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Driving uberWAV

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

For many people with accessibility needs, travelling even short distances can be very difficult. We’re committed to using our technology to help driver-partners provide an affordable, safe, and reliable option for people with accessibility needs. Learn more about how you can drive with uberWAV, our wheelchair accessible vehicle option.

Why drive with uberWAV?

There are many great reasons to drive uberWAV:

  • Lower service fee for all your trips²

  • Additional cash reward for every completed uberWAV trip³

  • Receive both uberX and uberWAV requests

  • Help your community by providing more transportation options for people with accessibility needs

Two ways to drive with uberWAV

Rent a WAV with Autzu

Looking for a shorter term rental option? With Autzu PLUS's hourly rental program, getting a WAV vehicle is simple!


Autzu's vehicles are available 24/7 for you to book in 4 hour increments with no upfront fees. Simply book the days and times that fit your schedule the best.

What's included:

  • Car usage (unlimited mileage)
  • Maintenance and insurance
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Complimentary accessibility training


  • 0% service fee for uberWAV trips²
  • 15% service fee for uberX trips
  • $10 per completed uberWAV trip²
  • $4.50/hr vehicle booking fee

Lease a WAV or bring your own

You can lease a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) with our local leasing partner, Jim Peplinski Leasing, or bring your own qualified WAV.


Our local leasing partner provides:

  • A flexible lease for WAV’s with an option to end the lease early⁴.
  • Lease includes unlimited kilometres so you can drive as much as you want.


  • 0% service fee for WAV trips²
  • 15% service fee for UberX trips
  • $275 each week for completing 40 trips (UberX or uberWAV) within Toronto²
  • $20 per completed uberWAV trip completed with guaranteed 5 trips/week³

One-on-one support

Visit a Greenlight Hub

Need help?

Visit us at a Greenlight Hub for in-person support.

Location & hours

How uberWAV and uberX differ


  • Requires vehicle capable of loading and securing passengers using motorized wheelchairs
  • Drivers are required to take an approved WAV course
  • Drivers can receive uberX and uberWAV trip requests (no uberPOOL or uberXL)
  • Since uberWAV riders may require assistance and need to be secured, trips can be longer


  • 4-door vehicle
  • Drivers do not require any additional course
  • Drivers can receive
  • UberX and uberPOOL trips uberX riders typically require minimal or no driver assistance


Foire aux questions

  • What are the requirements to drive with uberWAV?

    To qualify for this program, you must complete a WAV course (see details below).

  • How long is the lease? What if I want to stop driving with uberWAV?

    The lease is for 5 years but you can exit the lease with one month’s notice and by paying a $300 early termination fee. Additional fees may apply for excessive wear and tear.

  • Is there any sort of training involved? How long will it take?

    Before starting, drivers must complete an approved course for driving a wheelchair accessible vehicle. We’ve partnered with the Autzu to provide this course but you’re welcome to arrange your own training with a recognized provider.

  • What is the difference between uberX and uberWAV?

    While the experience of receiving a request through the Uber Driver app is the same for uberWAV and uberX, the riders who request rides through each option require a different service from you. An Uber rider who seeks a wheelchair accessible vehicle may not be able to ride in a regular sedan, SUV, or minivan. For uberWAV trips, you will need to get out of the vehicle to open the door, let down the ramp, and then secure the passenger and her or his wheelchair in the van.

  • What vehicle is for lease? What does it look like?

    Currently, the wheelchair accessible vehicle available for lease through our leasing partner is a 2016/17 Dodge Caravan that’s been modified with a side-entry wheelchair ramp. The middle row of seats has been removed to make room for a wheelchair. The front seats and back row remain unchanged. The vehicle is subject to change in the future.

  • What insurance do I need?

    While you’re on trips or on route to pick up a rider, Intact’s insurance policy will cover you, your rider, and your vehicle. For all other times, the lease requires a personal insurance policy with at least $2 million coverage. If you’re unsure what insurance you need to get, we can connect you with a preferred broker who can help find the best rate and the right coverage for you. For when you’re not driving with Uber, you should follow the same guidelines as you would for insuring a personal vehicle. Liability insurance is required by law in Ontario and collision insurance is required by the WAV lessor, JPLI. Comprehensive can be added at your discretion. For any questions, please speak to an insurance advisor for more information. Note: If you do not have collision and comprehensive coverage on your personal policy, the Intact policy that covers you while you’re on trips will not include these either.

  • Where can I get more information?

    Join us at an info session! We'll help answer any questions you may have about uberWAV, leasing, earnings, etc.

Have questions? Join us at an info session.