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More consistent uberPOOL earnings

Mise à jour des frais de service

In Toronto, POOL has put more people in fewer cars, reduced pollution, and drivers like you have received more trips. Thanks to your feedback, we’re continuing to improve POOL.

POOL trips now have a flexible Service Fee with the goal of making POOL earnings closer to what uberX earnings would be for the same time and distance traveled.


What's new?

Previously, Uber’s Service Fee were fixed at 10% for unmatched trips and 30% for matched trips. We've heard from you that POOL earnings currently feel inconsistent for the time and distance traveled. We understand that not all matched trips are the same—some have more pickups or cover longer distances.

With the new flexible Service Fee, the amount of the Service Fee is likely to be lower in cases where POOL trips are short or unmatched, and goes as low as 1% for some trips. With this update, we aim to make your POOL earnings closer to uberX earnings and overall more consistent for the time and distance traveled.

Note: Due to this update, you no longer receive a promotional payment topping you up for unmatched POOL trips at the end of a week on your earnings statement.

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