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Winter driving

Greater Toronto Area

When the temperature drops and snow starts falling, it’s time to prepare for winter driving. Uber partners who pick up passengers in Toronto are required to have snow tires on their vehicle from December 1 until April 30 each year.

Winter driving requirement

Snow tires required in Toronto

As part of the Toronto ridesharing bylaw, all Uber partners who drive in Toronto must have snow tires or all-weather tires installed on their vehicle. The tires must be installed on all 4 wheels from December 1, 2016, until April 30, 2017.

If you only delivery UberEATS and do not drive people from place to place with Uber in Toronto, snow tires are not required.

Snow tires in Toronto

Foire aux questions

  • 1. Why are snow tires required?

    The Toronto bylaw for ridesharing requires Uber partners to have snow tires on their vehicle during winter months.

  • 2. When do I need to have the snow tires installed?

    Snow tires must be installed from December 1, 2016, until April 30, 2017.

  • 3. What type of snow tires are required?

    Snow tires or all-weather tires are required. All season tires do not meet the bylaw requirements.

  • 4. How can anyone tell if snow tires are installed?

    Snow tires can be identified by the snowflake image on the outside of the tire.

  • 5. What happens if I do not install snow tires?

    You could receive a fine from the City of Toronto if you do not install snow tires.

  • 6. Are snow tires required for partners who only deliver UberEATS?

    No, snow tires are only required for rideshare partners who drive in the City of Toronto. If you deliver with UberEATS only and do not drive passengers in Toronto, snow tires are not required.

Drive like a pro

Be ready for winter roads

We're here to help you beat the cold weather in winter. Here are a few extra items that are good to have in your trunk during the winter months:

  • Snow brush or ice scraper
  • Extra mittens or gloves
  • A blanket
  • Extra windshield washer fluid
  • Flashlight
  • A light shovel
  • Battery jumper cables

Heavy snow, freezing rain, extra cold temperatures

Driving in extreme winter weather

By living in the GTA, chances are you're no stranger to winter driving conditions. Winter snowstorms and extra cold temperatures are especially a part of our lives from December to March.

Here's what you can expect when driving with Uber during extreme winter weather:

  • More riders will be requesting rides and surge is frequently in effect. Enjoy the earnings but be safe on the roads.
  • Riders will be requesting rides to work earlier (6am) and leaving work sooner (3pm) to go home. By starting to drive earlier, you can catch the full high demand period.
  • Traffic will be moving slower than usual. Be patient and travel at a safe speed.

By downloading the Weather Network App, you will get notifications when a storm is expected. Keep an eye on the time the storm will start and how long it will last for.

Download weather app

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