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The City of Toronto's

King Street Transit Pilot

Starting on Sunday, November 12, 2017, the King Street Transit Pilot will be in effect from Bathurst Street to Jarvis Street.


Changes to King Street

During the pilot, all motorists and ridesharing vehicles are not permitted to drive through intersections or park on King Street at all times. Parking spaces will be eliminated and converted into public spaces, taxi stands, and loading zones.

We’re here to help you understand the changes ahead. Find out more about the new traffic rules for ridesharing vehicles.

Driving on King Street

Easier navigation for you

Mapping will be updated to reflect the changes on King Street—this means better pickups and smoother trips.

Due to technology constraints, updates to the driver app may not appear immediately.

Please be mindful of the new traffic signs put in place by the City of Toronto.

Foire aux questions

  • Do Uber driver-partners have the same exemption as taxis?

    No, Uber driver-partners are subject to the same restrictions as all other motorists.

  • How will Uber riders request rides on King Street?

    Uber riders can still request rides on King Street but are encouraged to request a ride on a nearby side street to improve the pickup experience.

  • What is Uber doing to support the King Street Pilot?

    Updates to the in-app navigation will be made to reflect the changes in the City’s traffic rules. Through in-app messages, riders and drivers will be informed and educated on the pilot project.

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