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Class 1-55 Registration FAQs


Edmonton driver-partners are now required to carry a Class 1-55 Vehicle Registration. Learn more below.

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What's a Class 1-55 Vehicle Registration?

A Class 1-55 Vehicle Registration is a type of registration distributed by the province to those providing ride for hire services.

Where can I get one?

All registries in Alberta should be equipped to handle this type of registration change.

Is switching registration expensive?

You can expect this to typically cost $25, although costs may vary.

What's the wait time for a new registration?

You should receive the new registration immediately upon payment at the registry.

Can I keep my old licence plate?

You'll need to update the licence plate on your vehicle to match your new registration, but, you may keep the old licence plate. The cost of a new licence plate is included in the registration cost.

What does a Livery Vehicle Registration look like?

It's almost identical to other Alberta vehicle registrations with only a few key differences: a number '1' in SECTION 1 under CLASS, and the word 'Livery' under TYPE OF OPERATION.

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