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UberEATS | Delivery tips

How to deliver like a pro

Learn the tips and tricks of delivery, from how parking works to where the busiest areas for requests are. Become an UberEATS delivery pro so you can make the most of your time on the road.

How to deliver with UberEATS in Calgary

Ready to become a 5-star delivery courier? Watch this video for a quick overview on how delivery works. You'll learn all about:

  • Receiving a delivery request
  • Picking up the food order at the restaurant
  • How parking works when you're delivering
  • How to manage multiple delivery requests at once
  • Dropping the order off at the eater's door

Where to park

Parking in Calgary

Whether you’re picking up an order at a restaurant or dropping it off at your eater’s door, you’ll need to park for a few minutes to run inside.

We understand that sometimes there’s a shortage of parking spots available. Here are a few tips to help you find a safe place to leave your vehicle:

  • Signage: Show people you’ll be right back by having your ‘OUT FOR DELIVERY’ sign on your dashboard.
  • Restaurants: Check for special delivery instructions in your Uber app. Some restaurants include parking instructions and directions to help you find the entrance.
  • Apartments: Many apartment buildings have areas where you can park for 5-10 minutes while delivering.

How to pack food like a pro

Your delivery bag

Your UberEATS delivery bag is specially designed to ensure food stays hot or cold, and as fresh as possible. Plus, it helps prevent food from leaking or spilling.

How to prevent spills

  • Check that the container's lid is secured tightly and facing up.
  • Carefully place the food containers into the bag facing up.
  • Make sure the bag is kept flat—tipping the bag on its side or upside down can cause food to slide to the edge of the container and things to get messy.
  • Be a pro with pizza! Keep the boxes flat to ensure the toppings stay in place.

That's it! Follow these 4 simple guidelines to help hungry Calgarians fully enjoy the meals they've been craving.

When to call

Contacting the restaurant or eater

Sometimes you may need to call the eater or restaurant. Tap the clipboard icon in the top right corner of your app to do this. You may need to call if:

  • You're delayed in reaching the restaurant or eater
  • You need help finding the restaurant
  • You need help finding the eater or are having trouble entering their building

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