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Looking for Manises taxis?

Getting a taxi in Manises just got easier with the Uber app. In a few steps, you can request a local cab and pay for your trip all from one place. With 24/7 requesting available, consider this the convenient way to get your next taxi ride in Manises.

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The easiest way to request a taxi in Manises

Welcome to Manises taxis with the Uber app, where you can request traditional local cabs using Uber. With in-app requests, your cab ride can happen at any time.

  • 24/7 availability

    Your taxi needs are important to us. Request a taxi where you want in Manises for last-minute trips, to head to work, or to travel to another place with a licensed taxi driver.

  • Cashless payments

    Make traveling your only concern by setting up cashless payments. Automated payments are as simple as adding your preferred payment method in the account settings.

  • Professional taxi drivers

    A fully licensed taxi driver is ready to help you get around Manises with every taxi ride you request.


Download the Uber app to request a ride near you

Looking for taxis near you? Consider these ride options

Different types of rides are available in Spain. To see what ride options you can request specifically in Manises, open the Uber app and enter your pickup and dropoff locations.


Taxis for up to 4 passengers


Taxi and non-taxi vehicles for up to 6 riders

Local taxi rates in Manises

Budget ahead for your taxi ride in Manises by viewing common rates for taxi rides with Uber.

19-minute taxi rides cost €4 on average.

Taxi services for all your ride needs

Airport transfers

Enjoy efficient airport transfers in Manises by requesting a taxi with the Uber app. You’ll ride with a licensed taxi driver, whether you’re headed to or from Valencia Airport or another airport. Exchange crowded shuttles for a comfortable taxi ride today.

Manises and beyond

The ability to request a ride to your dream destination is at your fingertips. All it takes is requesting a taxi in the Uber app. You can explore the heart of Manises or embark on a trip to a nearby city to explore new sights to see.

Business travel

For out-of-town meetings and commutes to the office, book a taxi with the Uber app to support your business travel needs. The ride you want can be booked 24/7 so you’re on the road in no time. While the local cab driver focuses on getting you to your destination in Manises, you can focus on getting work done.

Frequently asked questions

  • You can request a taxi in Manises directly from the Uber app. To get started, open the Uber app, enter your pickup and dropoff locations, then select one of our taxi products from the list of ride options. You’ll be matched with a licensed taxi driver to assist you with your trip.

  • Taxis with the Uber app in Manises support groups of 4 and 6 passengers and you can be sure you'll get at least a 4-seater when requesting a ride. However, if you’re looking specifically for a 6-seater taxi, consider checking the app for the Uber Van option instead.

  • Yes. You can add card payment methods such as a credit card to your Uber account. You can also use an online payment method such as PayPal to pay for your ride in Manises. In some cities in Spain, you can pay with cash. Check the app to see if this payment option is available for your ride.

  • You can give cash to your taxi driver directly or use the Uber app to provide a tip (100% of your in-app tip goes directly to the driver).

  • Yes, you can change your destination after your ride with Uber in Manises has been confirmed. You can also change your destination while you are traveling.

  • Many apps offer the ability to book taxis in Manises. Consider booking a taxi with the Uber app to enjoy affordable prices and 24/7 ride requesting when you need to travel in and around the city.

  • Open the Uber app and go to the Account section. Choose Help, then Help with a trip. Select the trip on which you forgot the item, choose Find lost item, and follow the in-app instructions.

  • Safety is a top priority for Uber. You can use the Emergency Button to call local emergency assistance or explore and access other safety features in the Uber app that are designed to help you stay protected.