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Our approach to COVID-19

The safety and well-being of everyone who uses Uber is at the heart of what we do. We're continuing to expand our response to COVID-19 with new features for our users, support for those who earn on our platform, and partnerships and initiatives that serve our cities.

Committed to helping

We’re pledging 10 million free rides and deliveries of food for frontline healthcare workers, seniors, and people in need around the world.

Supporting healthcare workers

We want to make the day-to-day life of healthcare personnel a little easier by providing them with free rides for their home care visits and by eliminating our service fee on their personal rides with Uber Medics.

Vehicles for healthcare workers in Catalonia

To support healthcare staff in Catalonia and help them get to and from their home care visits and daily commuting, we joined SocialCar and the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS) to launch SocialMedics, a free carsharing platform to lend your vehicle for free to healthcare staff in Catalonia.

Collaboration with Save the Children

We are collaborating with Save the Children and its 'By your side' program to distribute a full weekly shopping basket to 1980 families throughout Spain.

Supporting local restaurants

We have developed a new functionality to improve cash flows and allow restaurants to receive daily payments. We have also put together a new team to help new restaurants register on the platform.

Phone support

We've opened an exclusive phone line (+34 900 83 90 93) for users who don't have access to the Internet.

Supporting public authorities

The safety and well-being of everyone who uses Uber is always our priority. We are committed to supporting public authorities and cities as they work to stem the COVID-19 pandemic.

Important information for drivers and couriers*

  • We are working to provide drivers with disinfecting material to help them keep their cars clean. Although supplies are very limited, we are working with the relevant authorities to come up with as many as possible.

  • Customers and couriers have the option to choose 'leave at door' deliveries through the app in order to maintain the social distancing recommended by the authorities.

  • In case of inability to work due to COVID-19, all drivers and couriers shall be entitled to sick leave benefits for employees and self-employed persons, as appropriate, established by the Spanish Government in the Royal Decree-Law 6/2020.

Safe trips and deliveries

We ask our users to only travel if absolutely necessary and for one of the reasons approved by the Government. In addition, we constantly communicate all the new regulations and recommendations of the health authorities to our community of drivers, couriers and restaurants.

Drivers and couriers*

  • Most importantly, do not drive or deliver food* if you’re feeling sick

    The best you can do is to stay at home and contact your doctor to avoid spreading the virus.

  • If you’re driving

    • One passenger per vehicle. Only one person can travel and should do it in the backseat.
    • Open the windows. If possible, roll down the windows to improve ventilation.
    • Wash your hands. Do it before and after every trip or as frecuently as possible.
  • If you’re delivering*

    • Leave at the door. If the Uber Eats customer requests it, please leave deliveries at the door to help reduce contact.
    • Wash your hands. Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer as often as you can.

Uber users

  • Stay at home, if possible

    The best you can do right now is to stay home, especially if you’re feeling sick. This will help limit the spread of the virus. Help us keep drivers and other passengers safe.

  • When taking rides

    • Wash your hands. Before and after you ride.
    • Cover your mouth and nose. If you sneeze or cough, do so into your elbow or a tissue.
    • Sit in the back.Following the authorities' recommendations, it's important to maintain social distancing.
    • Open the window. If possible, roll down the window to improve ventilation.
  • When ordering through Uber Eats*

    • Request dropoff at the door. In the app, select “Leave at door” or use delivery notes to share your preferences. Make sure you’ll be available within 30 minutes.
    • Wash your hands. Especially after receiving your food order and before you eat it.
  • Tip your driver and courier if possible

    Drivers and couriers are working extra hard right now. If possible, please show them your grattitude with a tip.

    You can add it up to 30 days after your trip or order by accessing your history through the app.


Important information for restaurant partners

  • Tips for food handling

    Based on guidance from Public Health Authorities, restaurants are advised to follow best practices on food safety and packaging. This includes ensuring proper sanitization of surfaces, food handlers, and food preparation environments, and that all food is properly sealed in tamper‑evident packaging. Furthermore, it is recommended that couriers waiting for orders be in a separate area from where the food is being prepared.

  • Offering delivery options to users

    Uber Eats users have the option to add delivery notes to their orders to communicate how they’d like their them delivered. They may include a note like “Please leave my order at the door".

    Couriers can see these instructions and communicate with users through the app.

  • Supporting public health authorities

    We have put together a team of professionals available 24 hours a day dedicated to help the measures taken by the Public Health Authorities are being complied with. As part of this collaborative process, we may have to temporarily suspend the accounts of those users, drivers or couriers who have contracted or been exposed to COVID-19. We also have the advice of an epidemiologist to ensure that the measures we take as a company meet medical criteria.

  • Support local restaurants

    We know that many local restaurants rely on delivery orders. That's why we've developed a new feature that allows restaurants to receive payments on a daily basis.