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Advocating for LGBTQ+ equality

Standing behind those who need us most lets us all move forward together.

No matter what your sexual orientation is, we at Uber are committed to keeping you moving in the only direction we know: forward.

Promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion and diversity within Uber

The world can be brighter, happier, more productive, and more creative when each of us can be authentic to who we are. The Pride at Uber Employee Resource Group works to build a workplace and community—within Uber and across our cities—where LGBTQ+ individuals can do just that.

How we build our community

Recruitment and retention

We’re helping to build a workplace in which LGBTQ+ individuals feel welcome, fiercely supported, and encouraged to be their best selves.

Community outreach

We’re helping to create a global community that empowers LGBTQ+ individuals to participate more actively in society and facilitates access to flexible economic opportunities for everyone.

Training and learning

We’re acting as a resource for LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies, with a goal to increase visibility, understanding, and belonging within Uber.