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Rent with Hertz and start earning

Wheels by the week

Rent with Hertz, drive with Uber

Renting with Hertz provides a flexible, short-term commitment so you can drive on your own terms. Maintenance and roadside assistance are included to help keep you safe and on the road. Drive as much as you want without any additional fees, even for miles you drive while off app.¹

Available in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Orange County, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle²

Sign up with Uber and reserve a car

Create your account with Uber and indicate that you need a car, or visit the "Vehicles" section of your Partner Dashboard and under Hertz, choose "Rent a Vehicle." You'll then have the option to select a vehicle offer and set up a pickup appointment at a Hertz location near you.

Set up a payment and pick up your car

Head to your pickup location at the date and time you selected. You can pay for your rental using a credit or debit card. Prepaid or stored value cards are not accepted.

The Hertz weekly rental base rate is $214 per week. This excludes taxes, fees, gas, and other additional charges. A $200 refundable security deposit will also be collected by Hertz when you pick up the car.

Extend your rental

You will be eligible to extend your rental up to 3 times, every 7 days. Every 28 days, the vehicle needs to be returned to the rental branch for routine maintenance and to open a new 28-day contract. Hertz will inspect the car, perform service if needed, or swap out your vehicle. If you don't want to extend your rental, return it 7 days after pickup.

Return your rental

You must return your vehicle to the Hertz branch location where you picked it up. Bring your original paperwork. Branches are open 9am - 5pm, Monday through Friday. A Hertz representative must be present for the return.

Accidents and unexpected events

Cobertura de seguro

Rentals with Hertz include insurance to keep you covered at all stages.

Damage waiver

There are different protection options if your car is damaged or lost, including the Hertz Loss Damage Waiver.

Vehicle Solutions Rewards

The Vehicle Solutions Rewards program lets you earn a weekly bonus after getting a Hertz rental and completing a minimum number of trips with Uber each week.³

How rewards work

  1. After you have your Hertz rental, you’ll be able to check the Earnings section of your Driver app for complete offer details in your city.
  2. Choose your rewards goal. Each trip you complete will count toward your trip requirement.
  3. Complete your required trips between Monday at 4:00am and the following Monday at 3:59am. Trip requirements and the promotion payment are prorated based on when your rental agreement begins.

Vehicle Solutions Rewards are currently available in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle. Offers vary by city.⁴

Preguntas frecuentes

  • What type of car can I get?

    Vehicles that are classified by Hertz as Intermediate Vehicles. A weekly rental through Hertz are usually a compact sedan, like a Hyundai Sonata, or a midsize sedan like a Nissan Altima. Cars depend on local availability.

  • What payment methods are supported?

    You can pay for your rental using a credit or debit card. Prepaid or stored value cards are not accepted. In Massachusetts, debit cards are not accepted. If you pay with a debit card, a soft credit check will be completed at the Hertz branch location.

  • What credit cards are accepted?

    Hertz accepts American Express, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, Carte Blanche, Diners Club, Hertz Charge Card, JCB, Optima Amex, and some debit cards such as those managed by American Express, Visa, Discover, MasterCard.

    Cards must have available credit or available funds, for the estimated amount of rental charges and any additional charges that may be incurred.

  • How much is the deposit on a rental car?

    A $200 refundable security deposit is collected when you pick up the car. The deposit is returned when you stop renting the vehicle and return the car. This deposit is meant to serve as a security. If you have outstanding payment on the rental or other charges were incurred during the rental period, the deposit will be used to cover some or the whole amount.

  • Why is the amount held on my card more than the estimated rental cost?

    An authorization is needed based on estimated rental charges. In order to cover incidental charges, such as extra hour charges if the vehicle is returned late, we may require an additional authorization for incremental charges that may be incurred.

    Approval for this additional amount cannot be waived. If authorization for the estimated amount can’t be obtained, the rental will be denied. These funds will not be available for your use.

    Additional authorizations (holds) are necessary if the vehicle is not returned on the date/time noted on the rental agreement or if the original terms of the rental change result in additional charges.

  • ¿Puedo pagar con la tarjeta de crédito de otra persona?

    Credit and debit cards must be in your name only.

  • Can I use more than one credit or debit card to pay for my rental?

    The rental must be paid on one card only.

  • Can I use Instant Pay if I get a car with Hertz?

    Yes! Instant Pay is absolutely available to drivers using an Uber / Hertz rental.

  • How do I know when and where I can pick up a car for rent?

    Vehicles are available at any dates and times shown in the booking experience on your partner dashboard. If you’ve tried to book a car and there are no times available, keep checking back.

    Once you have a reservation, please show up on time at the location you selected. If you show up earlier, you may be asked to wait until your reservation time. If you show up late, Hertz may not be able to guarantee a vehicle will be available.

  • How do I exchange the car if there’s a problem?

    If the vehicle is safely operable, return to the branch location where you picked up your car. When you arrive, a Hertz specialist on site will help you swap cars if there’s an available vehicle. If the vehicle is not safely operable, call Hertz roadside assistance: 1-800-654-5060.

  • How do I cancel or change my reservation?

    To cancel, go to and visit the Vehicles page. If you wish to change your reservation, cancel your appointment and then make a new one.

  • How much do I pay to extend my rental?

    When you request an extension, your card on file with Hertz will be charged with an authorization hold. This will be for $214 + local taxes and fees.

  • I do not have enough money for another week, what should I do?

    When you request an extension, your card on file with Hertz will be charged with an authorization hold. This will be for $214 + local taxes and fees. If you are unsure about funds available, please contact the Hertz extension phone number or your rental branch.

  • What is the extend/return policy?

    Your rental length is a minimum of 7 days. You have the ability to continue to extend your rental in 7 day increments. On Day 28, you MUST return the vehicle to the branch location where you picked up the vehicle. This is for routine maintenance to be conducted and a new 28-day contract to be opened.

    Failure to extend your vehicle or a late return may result in additional charges. Charges can begin 30 minutes past your return time and will be prorated at a daily rate.

  • How do I extend my rental?

    You no longer have to call Hertz to extend your rental. Log in to your partner dashboard at and visit the Vehicle section. Select the Hertz offer and select Extend. If your vehicle needs maintenance, Hertz may not allow the extension. Please call their extensions line at 800-654-4174.

  • How do I rewrite my contract after my 28 days?

    After day 21 of your rental contract, you can log in to your Partner Dashboard and schedule an appointment to visit Hertz to have a new 28-day contract opened. Scheduling an appointment will ensure that Hertz is ready to assist you and you can get back on the road quickly.

  • How do I report an accident?

    If it’s an emergency, call 911. Any accidents or vehicle damage must be reported to Hertz’s roadside assistance as soon as possible. Be sure to note the time of the accident. If you are online with the Uber app, report the incident to Uber as well.

  • What should I do about damage repair?

    Return the car to Hertz without attempting to do a repair or sending to a shop. Damage repairs without Hertz’s knowledge are not permitted and the cost of covering any unauthorized repair charges will be charged to you. Reach out to Hertz for more information.

  • What about other more basic vehicle maintenance?

    Hertz takes care of all vehicle maintenance and offers 24/7 roadside assistance. Reach out to Hertz for more information.

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