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Rate cards

The rates shown are exactly what you earn

You’ll see the exact rates for every minute and every mile you drive. That way you'll always know exactly what you're earning.

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You can see all rates at under Fares.

  1. Rates can vary by zone within a city. The map shows the location of each zone, and the rates for each zone are detailed below.

  2. If your calculated fare is less than this minimum fare, the minimum fare applies. This can happen on very short trips.

  3. In many cities, earnings for each trip start with a base fare. And on POOL trips with multiple pickups, you'll earn one base fare (where applicable) for the entire POOL trip plus additional pickup fares per pickup stop after the first pickup.

  4. You will earn this amount per mile based on the route you take.

  5. You will earn this amount per minute for the duration of your trip.

  6. If the rider cancels after the no-fee cancellation window, you will earn the greater of this amount or actual time and distance driven at the time of cancellation to ensure you’re fairly compensated for the actual effort invested.*

  7. You will earn this per minute rate for every minute you wait for a rider, starting 2 minutes after you arrive at your rider’s pickup location.

  8. You’ll be eligible to earn a long pickup fee on top of your trip fare for trips where the pickup time is greater than this threshold.

*Time and distance based cancellations will be live in all US markets by December 2017

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