Uber has launched in Mexico City!

2 de agosto, 2013 / Ciudad de México


We love Mexico and the biggest city on Earth has shown a lot of #UberLOVE since we first put cars on ground in mid-June.

From hipsters in Roma to fresas in Bosques and hippies in Coyoacán, word has gotten out and we are making it official: Uber has launched in Mexico City! Huge thank you to Daniela Schmidt, Erendira Ibarra, El Diablito, and all of our guests for coming to our launch dinner. We had a fantastic time sharing our story with all of you.

Mexico City is defined by its exceptional food, its patience-testing traffic, and its vibrant nightlife. Here you will find the only cuisine to be designated as Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO (yes, we’re that good) and the worst traffic ever. But Uber’s got your back and will take you anywhere: from an amazing lunch at Café Tacuba downtown, to get a couple martinis in Masaryk, and finally topping off the night at Cibeles. With Uber, you won’t feel the traffic, the rain, or the speed bumps.

Canta y No Llores

Gone is the “Híjole, ¿no tiene cambio jóven?”, no more Tsurus, viene vienes or Torito. We’re finally giving this city the transportation system that it deserves.

La Selección is playing at Estadio Azteca? Go cheer them on and forget about paying hundreds of pesos for parking (aunque siempre pierdan, es “El Equipo de Todos”). Never miss a single song from your favorite band at the Autódromo, and always arrive and leave in style.

We’re living in a new Mexico – DF is the place to be in right now. It is finally becoming the cosmopolitan destination it has always wanted to be and we’re incredibly excited to be a part of this positive change.

If you’re not using Uber already, you’re missing out! Use the promo code ‘dflaunch’ to get MXN100 off your first ride and experience the thrill of arriving in style! Send us a note at with any feedback; we’re always happy to help.

¡Viva México!

Uber Team w_ Escalade and Fountain