Bhubaneswar Airport Toll Update

May 16, 2016 / Bhubaneswar


The Bhubaneswar Airport Management has allotted designated pickup points for commercial vehicles picking up passengers from inside the premises. This allows for greater convenience and less walking distance for you after a long flight.

However, as per the guidelines set by the Bhubaneswar Airport Management, any commercial vehicle that moves out of the Bhubaneswar airport with a passenger, has to pay a mandatory surcharge of ₹55 and an auto has to pay ₹30.

Hence, in order to ensure constant availability of vehicles for you, we charge a convenience fee of ₹55 for uberGO and ₹30 for uberAUTO, which gets updated in our fare systems automatically on any ride requested successfully from the airport. This means that you do not have to pay any additional cash to the driver, apart from the final fare displayed at the end of the trip. This convenience fee is only for Pickups from airport.