Take the Pledge to #SwitchtoPOOL

December 11, 2016 / Bangalore


I am Amit Jain, a son to elderly parents, a father of two kids, and we live in the nouveau urban centre, Gurugram. Since we celebrated the festival of lights, Diwali, last month, millions of individuals and families like mine are distraught. This is not the beginning, but a wake up call for us to act and play our part to make our cities liveable again. I am writing to bring your attention to the rising pollution and congestion issues we are facing in our cities today and what can we do on our part to help our older, present and our future generations.

With 22% of all CO2 emissions globally coming from transportation, we are today witnessing the worst traffic congestion in the world. As per data from WHO, Indians are facing exposure levels that are anywhere from 4 to 12 times the safe level of annual air pollution. We’ve seen the impact more visibly in Delhi NCR with its recent alarming levels of smog.

Using public transportation or carpooling are ways we can take action today to combat rising congestion and pollution in our cities. uberPOOL makes it possible to get more people in fewer cars, and when together we make this simple decision to share our ride, it can help reduce the number of cars on the road. This has a direct and positive impact on the environment around us.

When we started an effort called #SwitchtoPOOL in Delhi on November 16, we encouraged riders in the city to share a ride and they supported us wholeheartedly. I am so pleased to share with you that riders sharing their rides on uberPOOL in Delhi NCR in November 2016 have contributed to save around 1.7 million kms driven, which equals to saving of 84,000 liters of fuel and cut over 198,000 kgs of CO2 emissions. Isn’t that a great start? We’re now taking what we started in Delhi NCR, upping the ante, and asking our riders to #SwitchToPOOL across Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai.

In India, since the launch of uberPOOL in December 2015, we have saved over 32 million kilometres travelled, over 1.5 million litres of fuel and cut over 3.5 million kgs CO2 emissions. We at Uber are committed to being part of the solution for our cities.

Today, I urge you and the rest of India to #SwitchToPOOL and make use of Uber’s advanced technology to re-imagine our cities – one without traffic congestions and with reduced pollution levels.

Join us as we track our collaborative impact in real time through the end of the year and we’ll send you a personal impact report each week to track your individual contribution. As an added thanks, all those who take the pledge and ride on uberPOOL could avail exciting promotional offers.

I’d like to personally appeal to you to all to take a step forward towards changing the way we live and specifically, the way we commute, by using uberPOOL.

I look forward to your participation in our quest for a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

Amit Jain
President of India and South Asia, Uber