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Canberra Airport & Uber Rideshare Conditions and Standard Operating Procedures

April 22, 2017 / Canberra

Canberra Airport Access Arrangements – Ridesharing pickups

The following content has been provided by Canberra Airport. Please review carefully and ensure that you comply at all times with the rules and procedures of Canberra Airport.

Driver Waiting Area

  • Ridesharing drivers are only permitted to hold and wait within the airport grounds located at the graded car park, Majura Park precinct.
  • Uber’s technology platform will restrict the receipt of approved pickups on the mobile app unless a driver is located within the pre-approved waiting area at the airport.

Driver Pickup Area

  • All pickups from the airport terminal are restricted to the Express Pickup parking facility
  • Access to/from the driver pickup area will be controlled by the distribution of access parking cards to Uber driver-partners.
  • Parking cards will allow ingress/egress to the driver pick-area ONLY.
  • Parking cards do not allow access to any other parking area locate on airport grounds.
  • Parking cards are to be kept away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.
  • Failure to produce an access card on request may result in additional fees being levied.
  • Access cards are not transferrable with other drivers and are strictly registered to the nominated registered Uber vehicle(s).
  • The parking / pickup area has in excess of 190 parking bays which are available to Ridesharing schemes, other ground transport operators and the general public. Parking is supplemented by an air-conditioned customer waiting lounge.
  • Uber driver-partners may only use the non-reserved parking bays (as sign-posted) to conduct a customer pickup transportation service.
  • Access cards provide 15 minutes free access into the driver pickup area.
  • Uber driver-partners that remain within the driver pickup area in excess of 15 minutes will be required to pay the normal timed published parking tariff rates which apply. The additional fees will be displayed at the exit boom-gate and the fees must be paid by CREDIT CARD at the exit gate ONLY.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged cards can be replaced for a fee. Please check with Uber if you need a replacement card.
  • Car Park tariff rates are subject to change as determined from time to time.
  • Parking rates and fees are correct at the time of issue.
  • Car park fees are non-refundable.

Instructions with the use of Access Cards

  • Entry Boom-gate ingress – swipe the access card against the rectangle card reader; the barrier arm will automatically rise.
  • Use the intercom for assistance.
  • Exit Boom-gate egress – swipe the access card against the rectangle sensor; the barrier arm will automatically rise.
  • Use the intercom for assistance.

Ridesharing Set-Down Procedures

Kerbside Arrangements

  • Ridesharing services are to use the upper departures designated passenger kerbside area for the exclusive set-down of customers at the airport terminal.
  • Ridesharing drivers are not permitted to wait or conduct customer pickups at the designated passenger set-down areas.
  • Ridesharing drivers are not permitted to wait or conduct passenger drop-offs or pickups at the lower level arrivals kerbside area.
  • Ridesharing drivers must not leave a vehicle unattended at the airport terminal kerbside.
  • Ridesharing drivers are not permitted to wait, park or leave a vehicle unattended in a designated loading zone area at the airport terminal.
  • Authorised kerbside patrol officers and the AFP may issue parking or traffic infringement notices to Ridesharing drivers who contravene traffic or parking road rules.
  • Ridesharing drivers may choose to use the designated pickup area to set-down customers, however this is discouraged as the movement will attract a pickup usage fee.

Conduct of Drivers

  • Ridesharing drivers are to abide by proper and fair instructions stipulated by airport authorities including law enforcement agencies and Canberra Airport personnel.
  • Ridesharing drivers engaged in transportation services are to conduct business activities in a professional and courteous manner with customers at all times whilst maintaining a respectful rapport with other airport operators and stakeholders.
  • Ridesharing drivers are not to use other road related or parking areas for the purpose of standing, waiting or the collection of a pre-booked service.
  • Ridesharing drivers are not to engage in touting or misrepresentation of services – drivers identified in touting behaviour will be referred to Uber and the Regulator.
  • Ridesharing drivers who have been engaged by a representative of the Airport Authority relating to a breach are to provide all relevant personal information upon request.
  • All breaches or non-conformity to the Airport rules will be referred to Uber for investigation and appropriate action, including possible airport access sanctions and/or removal from the Uber platform.
  • Canberra Airport reserves the right to apply reasonable sanctions including but not limited to the deactivation of an access card and/or impose a prohibition order against a driver who has contravened the Airport rules.
  • Ridesharing drivers are encouraged to report any security related incident or suspicious behaviour to the airport operator on 0411 863 041 or AFP – Aviation Operations Communication Centre (AFP-AOCC) on 131 237.