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Pre-Match + Re-Match

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re excited to announce the launch of Pre-Match and Re-Match — new features that decrease your wait time and dramatically reduce airport congestion. With Pre-Match and Re-Match, partners will spend less time waiting for airport trips, and more time earning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Pre-Match?

    The Pre-Match feature will prompt partners in the Airport Waiting Area to begin heading towards the airport terminals a few minutes before we anticipate a pickup request. That way, you can get as close as possible to the terminal before receiving a pickup request, which minimizes idle time in the Staging Lot.

  • What is Re-Match

    The Re-Match feature allows partners who just completed an airport dropoff to temporarily receive a pickup request without having to go to the waiting are! To qualify for Re-Match, driver-partners must complete a dropoff at the airport and do a loop on the airport road. If you don’t receive a request, you will get an SMS telling you to go to the waiting area to receive a pickup request.

    If you hang around at the terminal you will not be eligible and will have to return to the airport waiting area or town

  • What happens if a partner receives a Pre-Match prompt but does not receive a request before leaving the terminal?

    Although rare, there are times when a partner will be prompted to head to the terminal but will complete a loop through the entire airport without receiving a pickup request. In this case, you should return to the Airport Waiting Area where you will be prompted again. You will not lose your place at the front of the line.

  • Can I just drive to the terminal to qualify for Re-Match?

    No. Partners will only be eligible for Re-Match after completing a dropoff at the airport.

  • Does Re-Match increase my wait time in the Waiting Area?

    No. Re-Match reduces the number of cars in the waiting area which generally keeps the wait times even.

  • What happens if a partner receives a Pre-Match prompt but does not leave the Airport Waiting Area?

    It is a good idea to start driving toward the terminal to increase the chance of getting a pickup request. Once in Pre-Match, partners are shown pickup offers based on proximity to the requesting rider, so the partner who is closest to the terminal will receive the next pickup request.

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