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Pre-Match + Re-Match

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re excited to announce the launch of Pre-Match and Re-Match — new features that decrease your wait time and dramatically reduce airport congestion. With Pre-Match and Re-Match, partners will spend less time waiting for airport trips, and more time earning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Pre-Match?

    The Pre-Match feature will prompt partners in the waiting lot to begin heading towards the airport terminals a few minutes before we anticipate a pickup request. That way, you can get as close as possible to the terminal before receiving a pickup request, which minimises idle time in the waiting lot.

  • What is Re-Match?

    The Re-Match feature allows partners who just completed an airport drop off to temporarily receive a pickup request without having to go to the waiting area! To qualify for Re-Match, driver-partners must complete a drop off at the airport and do a loop on the airport road. If you don’t receive a request, you will get an SMS telling you to go to the waiting area to receive a pickup request.

    If you hang around at the terminal you will not be eligible and will have to return to the airport waiting area or town

  • What happens if a partner receives a Pre-Match prompt but does not receive a request before leaving the terminal?

    It is a good idea to start driving toward the terminal to increase the chance of getting a pickup request. Once in Pre-Match, partners are shown pickup offers based on proximity to the requesting rider, so the partner who is closest to the terminal will receive the next pickup request.

  • Can I just drive to the terminal to qualify for Re-Match?

    No. Partners will only be eligible for Re-Match after completing a drop off at the airport.

  • Does Re-Match increase my wait time in the Waiting Area?

    No. Re-Match reduces the number of cars in the waiting area which generally keeps the wait times even.

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