A better way to get there with Uber for Business

March 15, 2018 / South Africa

Give your colleagues a better way to get to their meetings and get rewarded for it! 

Encourage your company to sign up for an Uber for Business account and we’ll give you R500 in Uber Credits!

How it works 

  • Get your company to sign up and start using Uber for Business for corporate travel.
  • Make sure your company takes 10 Uber for Business Trips before 1 May 
  • Ensure the administrator of your Uber for Business account acknowledges you as the referrer to redeem the R500 in Uber credits.

Need some help in doing the convincing? Show your company this clip and let us do the talking! 

Say goodbye to the old-world way of business travel. Say hello to Uber for Business!

Terms and Conditions
  • The individual referring the company cannot be the administrator of the account
  • Each company may have only one referrer
  • Offer limited to first 500 eligible companies 
  • Uber reserves the right to withhold delivery of value in case of concerns of fraud