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Uber is available in South Africa in lockdown level 3

June 1, 2020 / South Africa

Uber is allowed to operate with no curfew during lockdown level 3 but with certain regulatory guidelines.

Regulatory Guidelines

  1. All passengers have to wear a cloth mask or face covering.
  2. Traveling is restricted for people performing level 3 services or for any other permitted purpose as mandated by the government. Riders commuting to and from work are encourage to travel with permits, where required to do so by government..
  3. Limitations on passengers
    – UberGo, UberX, UberBLACK, UberASSIST, UberVIP – Maximum of 2 passengers
    – UberXL – Maximum of  3 passengers
    – UberVan – Maximum of  4 passengers


We have introduced a new Door-to-Door Safety Standard, that brings together the power of leading experts, Uber’s technology, and the shared responsibility between us all. 

  • In this together. All riders and drivers must wear a face cover or a mask when riding or driving with Uber. We’re also asking you to sit in the back seat, to leave more space between you and your driver.
  • Expert-led advice. We’re working with the World Health Organization (WHO) to share expert guidance on helping you stay safe when riding.  
  • Ready to Ride Safety Checklist. Every time you ride, you must confirm that you’ve taken specific safety steps, including wearing a face cover or a mask and cleaning your hands. Drivers are also required to complete a similar checklist.
  • Face Mask Check for drivers. We’re adding new Face Mask Check technology to help confirm that drivers are wearing a face cover or a mask before they can start driving. 

Supporting Driver-partners, Healthcare Workers and Vulnerable Communities

We have set up a number of initiatives to support driver-partners, help move what matters and assist communities impacted by the effects of COVID-19 such as:

  • A partnership with LifeHealthCare providing 25% off trips to their qualifying staff as they remain in the frontline to serve the nation.
  • A partnership with YES4Youth to procure and distribute reusable cloth masks to our driver-partners and delivery people to ensure their safety as they help us move what matters during these unprecedented times.
  • A partnership with Afrika Tikkun, a non-profit organization supporting underprivileged communities, to help feed vulnerable communities, including Uber driver-partners and delivery people impacted most heavily by the lockdown.

Driver-partner support details here.
Healthcare workers and vulnerable communities support details here.

As the world continues to change, we’ll continue working hard to make sure we change with it. Thank you for helping to keep your community safe.