Making every trip more enjoyable for both riders and drivers

June 4, 2019 / South Africa

At Uber, we maintain a 2-way feedback and ratings system to allow for a safe and respectful experience for everyone using the Uber app. This not only helps us to understand whether you had the 5-star experience we always want you to have, but also ensures that mutual respect is maintained.

Because of this, we’re going to be holding riders more accountable for any unacceptable behaviour displayed on Uber trips. With the recent update of our community guidelines, this new policy ensures that riders are accountable to the same behavioural standards set for drivers.

What does this mean?

If your account has been flagged several times for complaints of unacceptable rider behaviour and not adhering to Uber’s community guidelines, you will receive a warning and be given advice on how to improve this behaviour. If you continue to receive bad feedback from drivers, you will be temporarily suspended from using the Uber app. If there is still no improvement, you could eventually face the possibility of full deactivation.

Some examples of unacceptable behaviour includes:

  • Asking your driver to break the law, for example by ignoring speeding limits.
  • Damaging a vehicle, intentionally spilling food or drink, or throwing up in a vehicle due to excessive drinking.
  • The use of insulting, inappropriate or disrespectful language in a vehicle, whether it is of a sexual, discriminatory or derogatory nature.
  • Unnecessary disagreement or clash with a driver-partner due to disrespectful behaviour.

Our community guidelines have been carefully put together to ensure both riders and drivers are aware of appropriate behaviour and maintain a smooth Uber experience. This new policy is essentially about fairness, and helps to ensure that everyone can enjoy a 5-star ride. You can view our updated Community Guidelines here.