Five benefits of travelling last-minute with Uber

June 26, 2018 / South Africa

While you may have trips you’ve been planning for some time, there’s a lot to be said for packing a bag and going wherever the wind takes you. Read on as we list the various ways Uber can support your last-minute travel ideas and show you why it’s important to be impulsive.

Plenty of Room for the Picnic Basket

Soaking up the winter sun doesn’t have to mean careful planning or thinking ahead. Don’t hesitate – call some friends, book a trip with Uber, load a picnic basket in the back of the car, and get a ride to your favourite park. Impromptu trips to the beach and outdoor games are all possible and more easily attainable than ever by just seizing the day and booking a ride.

Roaming Drivers

Uber’s large network of driver-partners means you’re never far from a ride. Knowing that you can request a driver to come to wherever you are gives you the freedom to explore. Even if you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings, you can still go out in search of adventure as you know you can always book a trip back home with Uber. Let your curiosity run free and finally catch some of the sites you’ve always been meaning to see.

Avoid Indecision

Booking with Uber means you can spend less time talking about where you want to go and more time actually being there. Arrange a ride as soon as you have a destination in mind and you’ll be en-route before you can even start thinking of alternatives!


On the other hand, Uber’s ability to add stops to your journey means you can make your decisions en-route. Being able to be spontaneous even in the middle of your last-minute trip means that you’re always open to a world of possibilities.

Rides to Meet Your Needs

The varied services Uber provides means that whatever the reason for your journey, there’s always a ride to meet your needs. Travel easily with the entire squad thanks to UberVAN, enjoy a premium ride in a luxury car with UberBLACK, or just get to where you need to be as conveniently and affordably as possible with the classic UberX. With all bases covered, you can be sure that Uber will make spur-of-the-moment travel easy.