Here’s how to tip your driver

August 22, 2018 / South Africa
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Tipping can be confusing, especially with different rules in different countries, and for different situations.

Tipping with Uber is by no means mandatory, but it can be a nice way to show your appreciation for a driver who has (figuratively) gone the extra mile. We’ve put together a quick guide to the who, when, why and how of tipping your Uber partner-driver.


The tip is taken from your account in the same way that your Uber fare is. If you’re choosing to split the fare, only the rider who originally requested the ride will be able to tip. It’s up to them to pick how much and the full amount for the tip will come solely from their account, although the actual trip fare will be split between riders. The full amount that you tip will go directly to the driver; Uber doesn’t charge a service fee on tips.


You can tip your driver as soon as your journey has ended, but if you have a sudden moment of regret about not adding the tip to that journey you took two weeks ago, don’t worry – you have up to 30 days after a ride has ended to add a tip to a journey. If you want to add a tip to a ride you took a little while ago, you can find it in your trip history or using the receipt that will have been emailed to you.


A tip is a nice way to say thanks to a driver that’s gone above and beyond the usual service expected. Did they use a shortcut to save you time when you were in a rush? Maybe they kept you entertained the entire way home with a stand-up routine worthy of any comedy club. Show your appreciation with a five-star rating and a tip at the end of your journey.


Wondering how to go about tipping with Uber? Yes, sliding over a briefcase full of cash is inarguably the coolest way, but it looks suspicious and weirds people out. Luckily, there’s already a handy feature on the app that lets you add a tip quickly and easily. After you give your driver a rating, you’ll see a prompt that will ask if you want to add a tip or not. Alternatively, go into your trip history, choose a ride and then select “Add a Tip”.

Happy riding!