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April 19 / South Africa

At Uber, we would like to help make every experience feel safe, respectful, and positive – for both riders and drivers. Help keep your rating high and the entire Uber community happier by following some basic guidelines.

The right ride – always book a ride option that has enough space for everyone who’s riding. Please adhere to the the maximum limit for each option:
➔ Uber Go: 2 passengers
➔ UberX: 3 passengers
➔ Uber Black: 4 passengers
➔ UberXL and UberVAN: 6 passengers

Respect the wait time: Having a driver wait on you for an extended period is impolite – please be ready for your driver at the pick-up point before requesting a ride. If you live in a gated community, please ensure driver has required access to get to the pick-up point you requested.

Help keep everyone safe: Please continue to wear a mask or face covering when you get into your vehicle – even if you have been vaccinated.

No mess please: Eating, drinking, littering and smoking is not acceptable while in a vehicle requested on the Uber app.

Community GuidelinesFor other useful tips and guidelines, please be sure to check out the Community Guidelines here.