Upfront Fare goes live in Nha Trang on December 12th, 2017

December 8, 2017 / Vietnam

Starting next week, riders in Nha Trang will be able to see their upfront suggested fare on uberX before requesting a ride. The upfront suggested fare will account for all factors that typically affect a fare, including distance, time, weather and traffic, etc.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does Upfront Pricing work?

A: When riders enter their destination, they will see the suggested trip fare on their request screen before requesting a ride and the riders pay the upfront suggested amount at the end of the ride, provided the trip does not change significantly.

Q: Is this fare guaranteed, even if a rider changes the destination?

A: All riders are notified when they request their trip that the fare may change if they update their destination. When they switch destinations through the app, they’ll receive a pop-up notification alerting them their fare will change.

Q: What if a rider/driver changes the destination, has multiple destinations, or makes extra stops?

A: An upfront suggested fare will not be applied if a rider makes significant changes to their route during the trip. In these cases, the fare will fall back to real time and distance rates.

Q: Is the upfront fare completely inclusive?

A: Generally, yes. There are some instances when the final fare could be lower than the suggested fare given upfront (for example, if the user has a promo code applied) or higher, such as if the rider adds a destination to the trip.

Q: What about trips with heavy traffic?

A: The upfront suggested fare that the rider sees will account for demand at the time and location of the request, traffic, and all other elements. If a trip is diverted to a new destination or takes longer than it was originally expected to, it may fall back to real time and distance rates.

Q: What should I do if my rider/driver took a longer route but fare did not adjust?

A: If it was considerably longer and you feel the final cost of your trip is not accurate, please contact Uber support through HELP in the app.