New App Upgrade: Optimize Upfront Trip Fare Function

February 13, 2018 / Hanoi

Language: EN | VN

At Uber, we fully understand that the trip fare has always been a key factor which significantly contributes to your satisfaction towards our service. Therefore, Uber has been ceaselessly upgrading our technology to ensure the accuracy and fairness of trip fares for both riders and driver-partners. We are pleased to announce, as of February 13, that the fare displayed on the rider app upon your request for a ride will be fixed as the final fare you need to pay, unless you make any changes with the pick-up/ drop-off destinations during the ride.

This adjustment simultaneously means:

+ Eliminate errors which may occur in estimating trips’ fare due to GPS’ inaccuracy, loss of mobile signal, or other possible objective factors.
+ Minimize unnecessary disputes between riders and driver-parners over the difference of the trip fares between rider and driver-parner’s apps.

Flexibility in your route remains:

The upfront fare is fixed unless you make any changes. However, if you wish to change the plan last minute, Uber’s superior technology ensures the flexibility of the route by allowing you to add/change destinations during the trip. When you add/change destinations, new rates will be updated, and will be different from the upfront displayed fare.

How to change/ add multidestinations during the trip, please view it here

– On Uber app, swipe up to view the trip information.
– Click Add or change to adjust your destination

  1- Change destination
  – Enter the new destination in the box   
  – Tab Confirm

  2- Add multiple destinations 
    – Tab the plus (+) next to the current address box
    – Enter destinations that you want to ride to (Up to 3 destinations).
    – Tab Confirm

We wish you would experience more reliable and affordable rides with Uber, and do not forget to ride with us to every new journey. Happy Tet!

* Note: If you want to change destination, but do not make change or add new destination during the trip, the charge will not be adjusted. In that case, the driver partner reserves the right to refuse your request.