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A simpler way to help maximize your payments

Make more money per trip, when and where demand is expected to be high

Introducing Boost

We're very excited to introduce Boost, a new feature to help you position yourself in the best places at the best times.

With Boost, multipliers can be applied to your fare at peak times in specific areas. The busier the pickup area is expected to be, the higher the Boost. This means you will make more money per trip when and where demand is expected to be high, and you will see the Boost applied to your fares in real time.

Plan where and when to drive

Boost is a simpler way to help maximise your payments

Real-Time Receipts

No more waiting. You’ll see your Boost in every trip receipt.

Live Maps

See your Boost highlighted on the map. Whether you're online or offline, you can see the fare multiples for each zone. This helps you plan what area of the city to drive in.

Promotions Hub

Want to know what the Boost will be in the coming days? Check the Promotions section of your app weekly to see what Boost multipliers are coming soon.

Benefits of Boost

  • No minimum online time required to get the Boost

  • No trip-per-hour threshold to hit

  • No need to wait until the next payment to see what you’ve made: your Boosts will be available in every trip receipt, in real time

What is a boost zone?

Boost Zones

The city is split into different zones to help you position yourself in the best places at the best times.

In your app, you’ll see a Live Map that shows the current Boosts for each zone. The multipliers will change based on the time of day, and the day of the week, to help show you when and where it's expected to be busiest. You can see what Boost are coming up by checking the Promotions hub in your app.

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