Uber in Uganda: A ride for every occasion

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The Uber service has been available in Kampala in Uganda for a little while now. We imagine that you’ve already had taken a ride or two with us, but how well do you really know our rides? We’ve put together a guide to help you get to know our ride options in Uganda just a little bit better.

Uber Ride options in Uganda


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, no—it’s a car, but that doesn’t mean it’s not super! If you want your ride across Kampala to be affordable and comfortable, then there’s no better choice than UberX.

UberX provides the perfect way to get around town whether you need ro run a few errands or heading out for dinner. UberX cars are typically comfortable sedans with space for up to four passengers, perfect for a ride with friends, colleagues or family.

Uber Ride options in Uganda


When getting around town in Kampala, the last thing you want to do is haggle for a short trip. UberBODA lets you get the usual convenient boda boda ride in Kampala, but with less hassle! With UberBODA, you’ll know what you’re paying before you ride, just like the regular Uber service, and that your driver has been properly vetted, that they have a valid license and insurance. You’ll also receive additional insurance cover when you ride.

We’ve been operating in Uganda for more than 2 years now, offering easy, affordable rides and helping to advance the communities we live in. Whether you’re looking for a quick trip across town or a comfortable ride home, there’s an Uber ride in Uganda to suit you. So, ready to ride?