Family Profiles: an easy way to ride with loved ones

To the app

Happy families are made by spending time together. If travel arrangements keep getting in the way however, we might have a solution. The Uber Family Profile is a nifty way to help you and your (extended) family create precious memories, taking care of the “but how to get there?” frustrations.      

This handy tool on the Uber app lets add up to 5 people to a Family Profile, who can then travel using your account – convenient if you want a reliable way of getting grandma or grandpa, for example, to come over and join in the good times. Or for adult kids without a vehicle of their own to meet up with you for a fun-filled family outing.

Just head to the “Settings” section of the Uber app to set up a Family Profile. You can also set different default payment methods for different family members, remove and add members or disable the feature at any time so that you have full control over who is using and how the profile is being used.

With the travel sorted, maybe it’s time to sit down and start planning that next fun family gathering? Here are some great ideas for family activities in Kampala that won’t break the bank and that everyone will enjoy.

Art for all the family

Introducing your little ones to art and culture early in their lives is important, especially if you want them to become the great artists of tomorrow. Take the youngsters to the Ndere Cultural Center to see a performance from the amazing Ndere Troupe. It’s easy to make it a full family affair: grandma and grandpa can join the show by using the Uber Family Profile for convenient and safe transport to the venue. You can also have dinner at the buffet after the show – remember to ask your kids what they thought.

Share the shopping

Family shopping trips are always a food time – especially when you have your ride home sorted out in advance. Explore some of Kampala’s best malls and markets with your family, whether you’re just window shopping or going on a full shopping spree. At Acacia Mall, you can make a full day of it by lunching at one of its restaurants before heading to the cinema – just make sure you save room for the popcorn.

Take family time outside

Sometimes, it can be good to get a little distance from the home and the city for some quality time with family. With Uber travel available between Kampala and Entebbe, why not take the time out for a natural getaway to Entebbe’s Botanical Gardens? Whether your picnicking, birdwatching or just taking a pleasant stroll, it’s a perfect opportunity to let your kids get close to nature and to teach them about the world around them.

Dinner at the table made simple

Life can be hectic between the kids’ activities and parents’ working schedules. Trying to fit in a family dinner at a nice restaurant often proves to be a fine balancing act. Let the Uber Family Profile feature help you out. While Dad fetches Kassim from soccer practice before heading to popular European restaurant Café Javas in Kampala, Mom can arrange an Uber ride to pick-up little Asha from her after-school club on the way from the office to join the party.

Life is short – hop on board with the Uber family profile and make it count with your loved ones.